Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Formula of Life

Next year, I might put the cliche goal "conquering the world" on stand by, and just focus on being contented.

Believe me, it may seem easier to do, but actually it's not.

It's actually more complicated to simplify life. Found the perfect irony.

How often do we struggle to delete unnecessary files from our hard drive just so we can clean it up? Does our home get filled up with so much useless junk because we can't seem to let go of stuff, even if at the back of our heads, we know we have to get rid of them?

As I wrote this entry, I thought of creating a formula that could guide me forming the way I live next year. The goal is to be contented and have peace of mind. And in the most mathematical and simple way I can put it:

Contentment = Life MINUS unnecessary things PLUS things that matter MULTIPLIED by God. DIVIDE everything by people you love.

I made a little graphic of it below for everyone to share, if they find it useful as a guide.

MINUS all the things that puts a weight on your shoulder including negative people, stressful work, unnecessary material desires. Remove envy because it will just cause anxiety. Cut down and simplify pursuit of success that won't matter anyway in the future. This doesn't mean that you will completely remove your work - just learn to balance. Live an abundant, simple life.

PLUS all the things that matter such as family, prayer, time, and spiritual works. Meditate on what matters most in your life, and focus on them - because in the end, this is what makes you happy and contented.

MULTIPLY everything with trust in God, and do faithful works all the time. Put in more time for collecting spiritual treasures. Read the Bible. In turn, He will MULTIPLY your blessings tenfold. Trust in God that everything will fall into place perfectly. MULTIPLY his disciples by talking to people about God.

DIVIDE your blessings and love for everyone.  Forgive people. Help people in need. Teach this concept to your children. Share.

Have a great 2013 everyone.

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