Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Noodle Boss

As I made a U-turn along Shaw Blvd today towards home, the words UDON and RAMEN caught my peripheral vision. Without any plans of eating merienda after office and picking up my wife and son from first day of school, my instincts just took over like hypnosis and I decided to just park my car in front of a restaurant that is unknown to me. MOSHI KOSHI NOODLE BOSS and I had unconsciously started a gastric relationship. 

We were the only customers in the shop. MOSHI KOSHI probably isn't a merienda crowd.

Nice and clean interiors, comfy and a simple, modern Japanese design.

The large menu on the wall was very enticing. MOSHI KOSHI NOODLE BOSS is set up like a fast food restaurant - you have to order at the counter.

We ordered two recommended Ramens - the Shio Buttered Corn Ramen and the Miso Ramen, supposedly the restaurant's bestsellers. We also got side orders of Agadeshi Tofu and Gyoza (Pork dumplings). 

The Mison ramen had a good broth - on the salty side, but well complemented by thick noodles. I didn't like the fishy white and pink thing, but the rest of it were good.

The Shio Buttered Corn Ramen, which has Pork, Corn and a teaspoon of butter in the broth, was surprisingly good. Actually, my wife liked it better than the Miso Ramen.

I can't say much about the Agadeshi Tofu. Simple and clean taste. Not bad at all for tofu lovers like me.

I've had better Gyoza. Filling was too gingery for my taste. 

What I loved about the Ramen at Moshi Koshi is the thickness of the noodles. 

My son really loved the noodles too.

I wonder who that guy on the menu is. Anyway, if you check out the little cartoon above, it says "There is a simple rule to follow in order to enjoy your KOSH NOODLES: eat them as fast as possible. Slurping is permitted and even encouraged."

Why, is there any other way?

For a quick Ramen fix, I would recommend Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss along Shaw Blvd (near PureGold, beside Red Ribbon). I wouldn't know how the service is when the restaurant is full though. We enjoyed the quiet and unpopulated place, and we got all the waitresses for ourselves. I spent about 540 pesos for a satisfying meal for two adults and a three year old. 

Is Moshi Koshi THE noodle boss? I'm not ready to make that conclusion yet.

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