Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Better than Chocolates: Send a Serenade with HARANA.PH

Year after year, we try arduously to look for special gifts we can give our loved ones, whether it's a birthday, an anniversary or Valentine's day. Even doing the once in a lifetime marriage proposal can sometimes be mind stomping. It gets difficult, because you just don't know what to give someone who seems to have everything already.

Look no further. HARANA.PH, the first and only professional serenade and surprise service in the country that can be booked online, can send something very unique and Filipino: a harana. What's good about it? Well, if, for example, you give flowers to a special someone. The next day, if not put in water, it wilts, and the essence of the flower is gone. With a serenade, what you give is a memory. And the great thing is, every harana or surprise is done by professional artists, celebrities and veteran musicians to ensure the great experience for your loved ones. Every surprise is a unique event. The HARANA.PH coordinating team can do all the stuff that you want them to do - let's say, fill a room full of roses, or reserve your favorite restaurant ahead of time.

HARANA.PH captures everything on video, so that the memory stays on digital file for years and years to come.

Just take a look at some of HARANA.PH's captured moments:

Harana in UST Hospital

Harana from Dubai

Harana on Valentine's Day

HARANA.PH Feature on Jessica Soho

More videos can be found here:

HARANA.PH has also recently launched the HARANA Giftshop where you can buy special gift items delivered anywhere in the Philippines.

Father's day is coming, anything special in mind? Here's a great promo.

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