Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Noodle Boss

As I made a U-turn along Shaw Blvd today towards home, the words UDON and RAMEN caught my peripheral vision. Without any plans of eating merienda after office and picking up my wife and son from first day of school, my instincts just took over like hypnosis and I decided to just park my car in front of a restaurant that is unknown to me. MOSHI KOSHI NOODLE BOSS and I had unconsciously started a gastric relationship. 

We were the only customers in the shop. MOSHI KOSHI probably isn't a merienda crowd.

Nice and clean interiors, comfy and a simple, modern Japanese design.

The large menu on the wall was very enticing. MOSHI KOSHI NOODLE BOSS is set up like a fast food restaurant - you have to order at the counter.

We ordered two recommended Ramens - the Shio Buttered Corn Ramen and the Miso Ramen, supposedly the restaurant's bestsellers. We also got side orders of Agadeshi Tofu and Gyoza (Pork dumplings). 

The Mison ramen had a good broth - on the salty side, but well complemented by thick noodles. I didn't like the fishy white and pink thing, but the rest of it were good.

The Shio Buttered Corn Ramen, which has Pork, Corn and a teaspoon of butter in the broth, was surprisingly good. Actually, my wife liked it better than the Miso Ramen.

I can't say much about the Agadeshi Tofu. Simple and clean taste. Not bad at all for tofu lovers like me.

I've had better Gyoza. Filling was too gingery for my taste. 

What I loved about the Ramen at Moshi Koshi is the thickness of the noodles. 

My son really loved the noodles too.

I wonder who that guy on the menu is. Anyway, if you check out the little cartoon above, it says "There is a simple rule to follow in order to enjoy your KOSH NOODLES: eat them as fast as possible. Slurping is permitted and even encouraged."

Why, is there any other way?

For a quick Ramen fix, I would recommend Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss along Shaw Blvd (near PureGold, beside Red Ribbon). I wouldn't know how the service is when the restaurant is full though. We enjoyed the quiet and unpopulated place, and we got all the waitresses for ourselves. I spent about 540 pesos for a satisfying meal for two adults and a three year old. 

Is Moshi Koshi THE noodle boss? I'm not ready to make that conclusion yet.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The All-new Macbook Pro with Retina Display

This is what greeted me on the Apple website this morning  - the all-new Macbook Pro with Retina display! As a heavy Mac user, I've been waiting for Apple to come up with a new Pro line - hoping for a lighter, thinner, and monstrous specifications.. the portability of the Macbook Air and the power of the high end Pro series. I guess this would be it. 

Well, it's not as light as the Macbook Air, but it has let go of the optical drive, which was what I was expecting (0.71 inch thin and 4.46 lbs), and it only comes with an ultra fast Quad-core i7 processor. It has the new thunderbolt ports (2 of them), two USB 3 ports and an HDMI port. All flash storage (256GB and 512GB) makes data trasfer faster than the old Macbook pro lines, with a roaring 500 MBPS sequential read speed; and 8GB of 1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory.

I guess the real stunner here is the 5.1 million megapixel Retina display. Yum.

More detailed specs are here:

The 13inch and 15inch Macbook Pros are still available, and this new Macbook Pro is a separate offering with only a 15inch version. Price starts at $2,199 which is I think reasonable. I've gotten used to the Mac price ranges already ever since I started using Apple. 

Yes, I'm getting one.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Best Pork Buns in the City

If you happen to be in High Street at the Fort, why don't you drop by CAV, a COWO Spot, with the yummiest pork buns I've ever tasted. Soft, white buns with arugula and sweet/salty tender pork in between. 

Three buns arranged on a black rectangular plate. 

One order definitely is not enough.

Doesn't that look so appetizing? You've got to try it. 

CAV is a COWO SPOT, which means that COWO members can enter exclusively from 10am to 5pm to work, use the wifi, have documents printed or picked up for delivery, or use the facilities such as the private meeting areas. Members can enjoy 20% discount on food and beverages including wine (by the glass). Just make sure you bring your COWO membership card ( or the temporary card if you still don't have the actual card ). Learn more about COWO here.

This is the second COWO branch to hit the metro, the first one being in Sapphire Street, Ortigas Center.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Better than Chocolates: Send a Serenade with HARANA.PH

Year after year, we try arduously to look for special gifts we can give our loved ones, whether it's a birthday, an anniversary or Valentine's day. Even doing the once in a lifetime marriage proposal can sometimes be mind stomping. It gets difficult, because you just don't know what to give someone who seems to have everything already.

Look no further. HARANA.PH, the first and only professional serenade and surprise service in the country that can be booked online, can send something very unique and Filipino: a harana. What's good about it? Well, if, for example, you give flowers to a special someone. The next day, if not put in water, it wilts, and the essence of the flower is gone. With a serenade, what you give is a memory. And the great thing is, every harana or surprise is done by professional artists, celebrities and veteran musicians to ensure the great experience for your loved ones. Every surprise is a unique event. The HARANA.PH coordinating team can do all the stuff that you want them to do - let's say, fill a room full of roses, or reserve your favorite restaurant ahead of time.

HARANA.PH captures everything on video, so that the memory stays on digital file for years and years to come.

Just take a look at some of HARANA.PH's captured moments:

Harana in UST Hospital

Harana from Dubai

Harana on Valentine's Day

HARANA.PH Feature on Jessica Soho

More videos can be found here:

HARANA.PH has also recently launched the HARANA Giftshop where you can buy special gift items delivered anywhere in the Philippines.

Father's day is coming, anything special in mind? Here's a great promo.

Check them out! HARANA.PH or on FACEBOOK

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pinoy Comfort Food on a Rainy Day in Tagaytay

During a Saturday family trip to Tagaytay, we dropped by Taal Vista Hotel for lunch, since we were looking for good Pinoy comfort food on a cool, rainy day. 

The menu had very little Pinoy food selections, not like the other "taal view side" restaurants along the highway which served everything from bulalo to sisig to tawilis. Taal Vista had around seven or eight choices only.

Since we were hungry, we just decided on the usual stuff (we almost ordered the Crispy Pata, but we didn't want anything that would increase blood pressure). We waited quite a while for the food to come, calling the attention of the waiters twice. It was a good thing I enjoyed watching the performance group who were performing different ethnic dances during lunch time.

We ordered soup because it was on a cold, wet day. The Bulalo was your usual clear broth with mixed green vegetables, beef and corn. Overall, it wasn't bad - the meat could have been a little more tender, the soup a little less peppery, and probably they should have added more beef. If we had gone to a restaurant like Leslie's, for example, the serving size would have been bigger, and everyone would have a big chunk on their plates.

I would say, the Kare Kare was my favorite dish on the table. Great balance of peanut sauce, beef and mixed leafy vegetables. The bagoong (shrimp paste) was really good too, a perfect accompaniment. I would order this again on my next trip to Taal Vista.

The sizzling bangus (milk fish) was a bit of a surprise. I liked how they used gravy on the fish, which was rather unusual - but it worked. I'm not a big fan of bangus because of its earthy taste, but this one was good.

The highlight of my meal was also the ender of the meal. The strawberry sauce topped New York cheesecake was yummy. A good size too, that everyone had a chance to slice into it. The photo says it all. Don't you just wanna put your fork into the screen?

Overall score of the meal? About 6.5/10. A good meal, but I wouldn't travel all the way to Tagaytay just to have it. Just your basic, ordinary good Pinoy food that became extra good because we were really hungry. I hope they improve their speed of service, though.