Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nostalgic Greenhills

There has been no many status updates lately from the Greenhills Facebook fanpage of images from the 80's. I went to this place very often as a school boy, and when I think back, I can't help but feel  nostalgic about it. It was like a time space warp experience. I'm sure most of my friends from that point in time will feel the same way. Renting Family Computer hours on the third floor of Virra Mall, copying computer games on floppy disks, going around the old National Bookstore on the ground floor, the children's rides at the center, carrying my busted 286 CPU up the stairs to where I bought my first IBM-compatible computer, eating fish ball at the Food Channel (which has been moved outside of V-mall), buying cassette tapes at Radio City, and eating banana cue at the store near the entrance. Sadly, I feel that the new Greenhills has lost its spirit, making way to newer stores and modern designs. I guess things have to move on. Is there a way that we can turn back the hands of time?

Posted some photos from the fan page just in case some of you have not seen them. All photos are copyrights of Greenhills Shopping Center.

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