Sunday, May 27, 2012

Boy of the 80's PART 6

Here I am again with my nostalgic blog posts. Those of you who missed the past few blogs on the same series, please check them out first:


And now on to PART 6....

Coney Island Ice Cream - I can still taste that bubble gum flavored ice cream that includes real bubble gum bits! It was color blue if I remember correctly. I can recall the branch in the old Unimart, with the different tutti frutti flavors. Is there a Coney Island still existing anywhere in the Philippines?

Wordstar - The hi-tech word processor of the 80's, goes together with the noisy dot matrix printer. To set a word into bold face, you had to put it in between ^ characters. Did a lot of assignments in Wordstar. 

The Junbo "generic" joystick - If your computer did not come with a joystick or game paddle, you can buy one of these Junbo generics. Played Summer Games on the Apple with this Joystick. 

25cents Phone Booth - Tatlong bente sinco lang ang aking kailangan, upang makausap ka kahet sandali lang. 'nuff said.

Tretorn - Oh yes, if you had the Tretorn, you were cool. Today, I think you would be bullied. But the guys my age now would still think I'm cool.

Lunch box with matching tumbler - I don't know why the Dukes of Hazzard version was a popular one. But do you remember these lunch boxes that you brought to school for merienda? A sandwich and a tetrapack sunkist can fit inside. 

IBM-compatible PCs - The joy of upgrading was experienced during the PC-revolution when 40MB hard drives made you the envy of the entire student body. From PC AT/XT to the 286 to the 486. 

ORIG magazine + Other magazines - I'm sure you had these magazines lying around somewhere in the house. This is where you found out about Tonton and Sharon, and probably Romnick and Sheryl as well.

Kaypee Rubber Shoes - Are these still around? I hope not.

Betamax player - plays the Betamax tape. Usually you have this Fast rewinder beside it so you can rewind all your tapes to the beginning. You go to small stores in Greenhills, and choose titles from the wall of Betamax tapes. You rent them for 3 days, and if they're overdue, you try to ask the store to waive it because you are suki.

Lego that was still fun - Lego before was fun to play with, with basic shapes and people. They've been replaced by Star Wars and Dragon robots Lego, or that sort of thing.

Casio Calculator Watch - I had one of these, and recently my brother in law gave me one. What a classic watch. To hear those little beeps when I press those little buttons...aaahh what nostalgia. You can light up the screen by pressing the side button. None of that touch screen shinanigans.

New Wave LPs - Echo and the Bunnyman, Tears for fears, Debbie Gibson, New Order, Pet shop boys..etc... - Big black records on a turn table with a needle. It played on a Kenwood or Pioneer component system with a trebly, sharp sound. Miss those days.

SIMON memory game - Did you have this? Either we did, or the neighbor did. Repeating lights and sounds generated by the then hi-tech AI.

Popples - Stuffed toy that can hide its arms and legs and then pop out by unfolding the front part all the way to the back. A lot of kids were scammed into asking their parents to buy these because of the TV commercials.

I guess there's going to be a Part 7 :) Can't stop thinking of nostalgic stuff, I think I'm gonna start crying. You can't bring back the past, but at least we can remember them.

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