Monday, May 28, 2012

COWO's New Services

For you as an entrepreneur to work efficiently, you must have two important things: a way to send/receive payments, and a way to deliver/receive goods.

The good news is now you can have these services within your reach: in the place where you work. COWO, our co-working space (some might call it a virtual office), has installed a Western Union branch for money transfers and a Xend retail outlet, for domestic and international courier services. Members of COWO who are working inside the space can have immediate access to these services. Working and doing business would be very easy.

Aside from these services, we also offer printing, secretarial, messengerial services, meeting rooms, and many other things that makes doing business easy and convenient. If you want to know more, just visit or

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Boy of the 80's PART 6

Here I am again with my nostalgic blog posts. Those of you who missed the past few blogs on the same series, please check them out first:


And now on to PART 6....

Coney Island Ice Cream - I can still taste that bubble gum flavored ice cream that includes real bubble gum bits! It was color blue if I remember correctly. I can recall the branch in the old Unimart, with the different tutti frutti flavors. Is there a Coney Island still existing anywhere in the Philippines?

Wordstar - The hi-tech word processor of the 80's, goes together with the noisy dot matrix printer. To set a word into bold face, you had to put it in between ^ characters. Did a lot of assignments in Wordstar. 

The Junbo "generic" joystick - If your computer did not come with a joystick or game paddle, you can buy one of these Junbo generics. Played Summer Games on the Apple with this Joystick. 

25cents Phone Booth - Tatlong bente sinco lang ang aking kailangan, upang makausap ka kahet sandali lang. 'nuff said.

Tretorn - Oh yes, if you had the Tretorn, you were cool. Today, I think you would be bullied. But the guys my age now would still think I'm cool.

Lunch box with matching tumbler - I don't know why the Dukes of Hazzard version was a popular one. But do you remember these lunch boxes that you brought to school for merienda? A sandwich and a tetrapack sunkist can fit inside. 

IBM-compatible PCs - The joy of upgrading was experienced during the PC-revolution when 40MB hard drives made you the envy of the entire student body. From PC AT/XT to the 286 to the 486. 

ORIG magazine + Other magazines - I'm sure you had these magazines lying around somewhere in the house. This is where you found out about Tonton and Sharon, and probably Romnick and Sheryl as well.

Kaypee Rubber Shoes - Are these still around? I hope not.

Betamax player - plays the Betamax tape. Usually you have this Fast rewinder beside it so you can rewind all your tapes to the beginning. You go to small stores in Greenhills, and choose titles from the wall of Betamax tapes. You rent them for 3 days, and if they're overdue, you try to ask the store to waive it because you are suki.

Lego that was still fun - Lego before was fun to play with, with basic shapes and people. They've been replaced by Star Wars and Dragon robots Lego, or that sort of thing.

Casio Calculator Watch - I had one of these, and recently my brother in law gave me one. What a classic watch. To hear those little beeps when I press those little buttons...aaahh what nostalgia. You can light up the screen by pressing the side button. None of that touch screen shinanigans.

New Wave LPs - Echo and the Bunnyman, Tears for fears, Debbie Gibson, New Order, Pet shop boys..etc... - Big black records on a turn table with a needle. It played on a Kenwood or Pioneer component system with a trebly, sharp sound. Miss those days.

SIMON memory game - Did you have this? Either we did, or the neighbor did. Repeating lights and sounds generated by the then hi-tech AI.

Popples - Stuffed toy that can hide its arms and legs and then pop out by unfolding the front part all the way to the back. A lot of kids were scammed into asking their parents to buy these because of the TV commercials.

I guess there's going to be a Part 7 :) Can't stop thinking of nostalgic stuff, I think I'm gonna start crying. You can't bring back the past, but at least we can remember them.

The World's Shortest Review of Men in Black 3.

They looked old.

COWO: The Blogger's Workspace

Blogging is serious business.

Most bloggers do it part-time, because income from it does not immediately become stable, so they report  to an office religiously, and write during their off hours. However, there are entrepreneur-bloggers who have found real opportunity in doing it full time, because of the different sources of revenue they have derived from covering events, social media marketing, copyrighting and advertising. So just like any other business, bloggers who write full-time are conscious of overhead, growth of their advertising sales, and impact on their savings. So they work at home, or go to the nearest coffee shop to write, spending a few hundreds on food and beverage. 

But when blogging becomes more serious, there is a need to get out of the house or coffee shop, and have a more professional representation. A place where you can work, but at the same time, with services that allows you to focus on your craft. That's where COWO comes in. 

COWO is a blogger's dream workspace - conducive for writing, lot of space to sit, strong WIFI, built in services such as money remittance of accepting payments from clients, strong coffee, access to printing services, hot pastry, access to rooms for meeting with clients and like-minded, trustworthy people to collaborate with. COWO has all of these, and more. The professional atmosphere makes you more legitimate to potential clients.

If you are a blogger or a writer, you can go into COWO, find a place to settle down with your laptop, connect to the WIFI and type away those thoughts. 

You can sit in any of the round coworking tables in the "NOMAD" section (sit-anywhere membership), and stay the whole day writing. It beats working in a noisy coffee shop or mall food court. 

Western Union is just at the reception area, so if you need to receive money from your clients, it's very convenient. There will be a courier service installed very soon.

Access to telephones and equipments just in case you need them. While blogging, you can just use the nearest telephone and call the reception area for any of your needs. It's really like having your own office, but without the high overhead.

Private meetings rooms allow them to discuss business with visiting clients or fellow bloggers, where you can rent out projectors and screens. 

The good news for bloggers is membership only costs a few Caffe Lattes a month. At Php 10,000 a month, or Php 850 a month, you get access to all of these features. If you are a blogger, why not drop by COWO and see for yourself. Grab a one day pass here so you can try it out before becoming a member. Here's how to contact COWO -

Taken from COWO official blog

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Art of Life Management with Opus Domini

Back when I first started this blog, I wrote a review on this great little application called Opus Domini, which I purchased from the Mac App Store (now it also runs on the iPad). I've been using it ever since for my schedules, tasks, and basically, managing my work life. Why do I find it effective? Well, it's because it sort of follows how I organize the things I have to do. 

It manages everything in one digital planner. I have my tasks arranged categorically on one side, my schedules in the middle, and notes on the next page. About the task management - it sort of reminds me of the Stephen Covey planner I used to have, but a lot less bulkier. I can systematically rank my tasks from A1 (most priority) to D4 (least priority), and I can make each one as Completed, In Progress, Delegate, Forward or Scheduled. I can tag notes to each task as well. This feature gets my work done each day. I like that sound it makes when you've completed a particular task.

The scheduling system is pretty regular, but the best thing is it is integrated with the Macbook's internal calendar - so I don't have to switch back and forth from Opus Domini to my Mac Calendar. 

The notes schedule is pretty neat as well, as I can write down thoughts, meeting notes and other random things as I do my tasks. 

Other features includes Master Tasks, Goals, Mission and the Compass - which allows you to manage your life in terms of Spiritual, Social, Mental and Physical. I don't use this much, but for those who are a little O.C. about having a balanced life, this is the app for you.

The new version of Opus domini is the integration to iCloud, which means now I can access all the data anytime through the Internet. Now if only I had an iPad to synch it with.

The interface is cool, like actual pages of a planner turning. 

If you like to manage your life in a digital way, I suggest Opus Domini - it's simple and very effective in my case. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

HARANA.PH Giftshop: More than Just Serenades

At our online business subsidiary, HARANA.PH, we send serenades and surprises to anyone in the Philippines. A unique twist to the singing telegram concept, and definitely "filipinized", we bring  professional singers, musicians, celebrities and coordinators to create the best and memorable event for your loved ones, be it a marriage proposal, a wedding anniversary present or "panliligaw".

I'm happy to announce that starting this month, you can now send premium gifts and items to anyone in the country, with or without a serenade. We can deliver flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, wines, perfumes and beautifully prepared customized gift baskets right to their doorstep. Remember, Father's day is fast approaching so don't miss that chance to make him feel important. 

HARANA.PH is a one stop shop for making people happy. Send a song or surprise gift today, with or without an occasion!

Please visit our website or our fanpage at Please watch the video below to know more about what we do.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bottega Studio and COWO presents: Make-Up Like a Pro

Great news for make-up and beauty enthusiasts. Our co-working space COWO and Bottega Studio (led by US Trained Celebrity Make-up Artist Au Mauricio), will be holding a workshop entitled "MAKE-UP LIKE A PRO" on Saturday, June 9, 2012 for the whole day. Learn the secrets of professional make-up in the comfort of a cool workspace for collaboration at the heart of Ortigas Center. For Php 5,000, you get PIXI professional make-up products worth Php 3,500 and a lot of freebies that makes it all worth it! Early bird price is Php 4,750. You also get that discount if you are a COWO member. Food and drinks are also included. 

The cool and collaborative workshop area at COWO.

Please register! This event is being organized by my beautiful wife, Avegail.

For more information, inquiries and how to register, please call or text Gaye at 0917-5062344.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Krispy Kreme Chocolate Iced Custard: Oh Yeah

My wife and I found a new favorite at Krispy Kreme  - the Choco Iced Custard doughnut. It's awesome, you should try it out. Original KK dough, stuffed with a yummy white custard filling and a chocolate icing on top. A sinful indulgence - but not bad if it's not everyday. The MUG Root beer is a good match.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

COWO: An Online Seller's Haven

Our COWO business is a co-working and collaboration space where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals connect in a common environment and "cowork" on projects together. At the same time, they enjoy business related services that allow them to focus on their work, such as money remittance, messengers, strong wifi and even a coffee shop for relaxed meetings. 

This type of innovative workspace can benefit online sellers or merchants. How so?

1. A credible office space 
Online sellers usually work from home. COWO can provide the credible office address and facilities that makes the customer more confident about making a purchase. Not only that, online sellers can take that "break" from home, and work in a cool, relaxing environment with special amenities such as meeting rooms, receptionists, coffee, and strong WIFI connection.

2. A secure and trustworthy environment
Online sellers and buyers usually meet inside the mall or in public places which could pose as a security risk to both parties, since neither one knows each other personally. COWO can be a meeting place that makes trading comfortable and secure. 

3. Money and Courier services
COWO has a western union branch inside, so online sellers can have the comfort of sending or receiving money while working inside an office space. If delivery is needed, COWO has the messengers and couriers to send packages throughout the metropolis.

4. Access to seminars and events
COWO members get the chance to attend free seminars on business, entrepreneurship, personal development and creative topics. Online sellers can benefit from tips on how they can help grow their business.

5. Networking and collaboration
COWO is not just an office space, but a collaboration and co-working environment. Online sellers get to meet other entrepreneurs and work together on projects, or sales leads - which they can't do at home. 

Are you an online seller or merchant? Please do drop by COWO and check it yourself.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nostalgic Greenhills

There has been no many status updates lately from the Greenhills Facebook fanpage of images from the 80's. I went to this place very often as a school boy, and when I think back, I can't help but feel  nostalgic about it. It was like a time space warp experience. I'm sure most of my friends from that point in time will feel the same way. Renting Family Computer hours on the third floor of Virra Mall, copying computer games on floppy disks, going around the old National Bookstore on the ground floor, the children's rides at the center, carrying my busted 286 CPU up the stairs to where I bought my first IBM-compatible computer, eating fish ball at the Food Channel (which has been moved outside of V-mall), buying cassette tapes at Radio City, and eating banana cue at the store near the entrance. Sadly, I feel that the new Greenhills has lost its spirit, making way to newer stores and modern designs. I guess things have to move on. Is there a way that we can turn back the hands of time?

Posted some photos from the fan page just in case some of you have not seen them. All photos are copyrights of Greenhills Shopping Center.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sing Hainanese Chicken House

For a quick Hainanese chicken fix, I go to Sing Hainanese Chicken House located at the top floor of the Podium in Ortigas. Good serving size with a reasonable price tag. I can also order from New Bombay which is right next to the restaurant if I wanted something spicy to go with my Hainanese.

The Chicken Mami is clean and refreshing - good for those rainy day cravings.

Next time you are in Podium, swing by Sing Hainanese and check it out.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

COWO Takes Off

Last Friday, May 4, 2012, was a very special day for me and my partners. Our newly established co-working space business, COWO, which was in pilot mode since January of this year, had its successful inauguration and ribbon cutting event, with our honored guests Congressman Roman Romulo and Councilor Shalani S. Romulo.  Despite the traffic and heavy rain, it was very well attended by friends, family, entrepreneurs, and business men. People enjoyed the great food catered by Bizu, and performances by HARANA.PH

Our COWO signage "ala Hollywood" came just in time for the launch, which was put up under the pouring rain. I hope that one day, this would be a landmark in the Ortigas Center business district. 

All in all, the COWO launch was a great success. Now it's time for some coworking! 

COWO is a coworking space that allows entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals to collaborate in a creative environment.  Here's a TVC that may help you understand what we do:

We take care of several business support needs such as secretarial, messengers, payment  or money remittances, business registration and other important services that allows the member to focus on what they do best in their respective fields. COWO provides meeting rooms, telephone lines, high speed Internet access, and private cubicles for resident members at a very affordable rate. We even have a coffee shop inside for that essential morning caffeine kick.

To know more about our COWO concept, please log on to our website at or our Facebook fanpage .

More photos of the launch: