Thursday, March 15, 2012

Virgin Territory: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Being a solid Apple user for all my devices, getting the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 was like entering into virgin territory. I've had bad experiences using Android-powered devices inside the stores, but I said what the heck, let's see. Reason for buying: Had a project that had to be tested on the Android operating system. It's been 2 days, and here are my initial comments:

1. I had a frustrating and shaky start. All of my fears about Android were coming true. Hanging, sim card not being detected, had to reboot a few times, applications not opening... but I thought, it's probably just birth pains. So I didn't let it get to me. After day 1, everything was going smoothly, except for a few error messages and hiccups.
2. Unimpressive battery life. In less than a day of low usage, it was at less that 50%. Some apps are disabled (like camera flash and view) if the battery is below 15%, which is a bit annoying.
3. Not many jackets/cases available yet for the 7.7 version of the Galaxy Tab.
4. Memory usage and allocation is bad. I haven't started using it yet, it's already 75% memory full.
5. Body is easily "scratchable"
6. Too many features and widgets that eat up memory and slows down the tablet.
7. Too integrated to Google account, that it downloaded all my gmail contacts - all 1000+ of them. Now it's hard to manage my contact list.
8. Photo Gallery app is not as good as iPad's iPhoto application.

1. It's a phone + tablet. I used the messaging and calling functions comfortable after a few tries. Although people were laughing at me when I put it against my ear to answer a call. Size is not a large phone, and a small tablet. Have to go and buy a bluetooth earphone.
2. Camera is not bad at all. HD video.
3. Fast download and installation of apps from Google Play.  A lot of available free applications.
4. Nice, simple design. Moderately light. 
5. Refreshing, bright interface, a rest from the same Apple iOS look for a change.
6. Impressive AMOLED screen display.
7. Responsive touch, but not as good as the iPad's. 
8. Nice on-screen keyboard, lots of options.
9. Good messaging app, organized like iMessage of Apple.
10. Expandable memory upto 32 GB.
11. Highly customizable interface, but a lot of times, unnecessary.

That's all for now. I will just update this when I see more notable things. To summarize all, it's not bad at all - It's all about geting used to the Android interface. I would continue to use it - but then again, im not the picky kind of guy.

I should hand it to Apple though. Nothing beats its simplicity and attention to detail - for now.