Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Virtual Campus Training of Public School Teachers

For two days now, we have been training public school teachers of Muntinlupa on eLearning so that they may be prepared for our roll out of Virtual Campus this end of the month. This is the result of a Memorandum of Agreement we signed with the Department of Education, Muntinlupa Division, to implement our flagship eLearning product, Virtual Campus, in all public schools in the city within the next few months - a staggering 65,000 students and a few thousand teachers on our platform. This is in line with our company's battle cry "Learning Without Classrooms", a campaign we intend to proliferate this year. We hope that after this implementation, we can create several success stories - and prove that indeed, we can make students learn efficiently without building additional classrooms.

Virtual Campus trainer, Ian Marino, guides the teachers through the system.

Angelico Mercader, Virtual Campus General Manager and overall program director of Learning Without Classrooms, discusses the background of eLearning in the country today. It shows that at the present, our level should already be at the collaborative, student-centered stage, where teachers are facilitators. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go. Our company's aim is to make this possible, through the use of our paradigms in distance education.


Ian shows the public school teachers how the Virtual Campus can increase knowledge retention and participation among students by integrating social media applications, an intuitive courseware management system and collaborative software. 

I plan to nurture Muntinlupa as the pilot city for Virtual Campus, until we come out with several success stories which we can be proud of. Someday, our public school teachers will become eLearning professionals, and in turn, they shall pass this knowledge on. 

We are talking to several other institutions, divisions and departments in order to really make eLearning a standard in our educational system today. We cannot use lack of infrastructure or lack of capability as excuses not to move forward with this, because there are solutions to any problem. Baby steps are better than no steps at all.

Technology has to be utilized for education. My dream is that one day we can say that the Philippines is number one when it comes to the successful implementation of eLearning. 40 million students learning on Virtual Campus? Why not.

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