Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pepper Lunch

We got to eat at Pepper Lunch MOA for the first time after so much contemplation. We wanted to see if it is anywhere as good as the Sizzling Pepper Steak restaurant that practically served the same thing. The prices were a bit steep, considering the serving size. One thing that ruined our dining experience was that the cashier got all my orders wrong, and not all the things I ordered were served to us. But I let that go, since the waiters for courteous enough. We ordered the beef and chicken sizzling plates so we could try both.

It's the same procedure. Cook the beef on the sizzling plate by turning it over, then put the garlic and honey sauce, mix everything around so that the butter and corn makes the rice tasty. The final product looked appetizing, and the taste was also really good. I guess it's also doing a trial and error with the sauces.

The chicken sizzling plate was just so-so. We liked the beef one better.

Overall,  we enjoyed Pepper Lunch, but hopefully next time, the staff would be a little more attentive. 

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