Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Future of Education in Muntinlupa is Here Today

Our company, Prime Logic, will be signing an agreement with the Department of Education, City of Muntinlupa to implement our flagship collaborative learning product, Virtual Campus, to 65,000 public school students and about 2,000 teachers. I'm truly excited about this because this first step is very important in innovating education in the Philippines.

I was pleasantly surprised how the city of Muntinlupa readily embraced technology as a tool for learning and teaching. With limited budget, the Muntinlupa Science High School improvised and created their own technology in making teaching more effective in their classrooms - a technology I still cannot reveal (which I'm really excited about). Through the use of an online collaborative learning platform, our goal for this project is to raise the National Assessment Test scores and periodical test scores of the students. If we can do that, it would really mean a lot to us in terms of measuring the effectiveness and relevance of eLearning in the public school system. This is a study we will readily share and publish for the academic community. A lot is still to be done, but at least we are already taking the steps in making this a reality. After that, we hope to roll this out to the rest of the municipalities across the nation. 

We are an advocate of online collaborative learning. Through Virtual Campus, we aim to make eLearning not only possible, but raise the bar in Philippine education. If you haven't done so, please do read my blog entry on Social media and eLearning.

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