Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Is the Sisig So Good in Pampanga?

Last Tuesday night, we went to check out Bubusuk, which came highly recommended by our friends from Pampanga. After a long trip, I was looking forward to savor some sizzling Kapampangan foods.

Why is sisig always awesome in Pampanga? I thought it was just psychological, but tasting it over and over again made me realize that I haven't tasted sisig this good in Manila. The tokwa't baboy was also very good, with a different kind of pork. Instead of the usual liempo type pork with the fat, this was fried, and had no fat at all. Yummy.

Good, buttery fried rice.

Thank you to our hosts for treating us to really great sizzling food. Looking forward to going back for the sisig and tokwa't baboy!

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