Saturday, December 31, 2011

COWO is Open for Business!

COWO is open for business!

Finally, after the expected start up birth pains, our coworking space in Ortigas has opened its doors for membership. COWO is one of the things that my partner and I participated in, completing our business roster for 2012. I pray for success and blessings for our new investment next year.

COWO is a spacious, cool environment where entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals can collaborate with each other. Importantly, you are ensured that you are working with trustworthy individuals because we do check before signing in our members.

COWO members can use the laptops if they forget to bring their own computers. 

The nomad area is the open space for collaboration with free WIFI access. It has access to the COWO coffee shop for great brewed coffee and pastries, and access to conference/meeting rooms for private meetings.

The two meeting rooms can open up into one big meeting room. 

COWO residents can avail of comfortable and private cubicles if they want a more permanent space inside COWO. Each cubicle has its own whiteboard, magnetic board, lamp and a local number.

We put up COWO for those people starting their own business, those wanting to expand their business and those working from home, so that they may have an affordable space to hold office, be credible and network. Inside you will find services that make it convenient for you to do business such as secretarial services, legal, courier, a print shop, travel assistance, and more. If you wish to know more, please get in touch with us by going to the COWO fan page or calling our Business development manager Pettizou at 0917-8922560. 

Let's COWOrk!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

HARANA.PH Launches Fresh New Artist : INKY

Our online retail brand, HARANA.PH, has kicked off it's artist management and production group by launching a great new singer, INKY, with her single MY DEAR. A pretty, talented and cool girl from  Olongapo City with a voice that you could never forget, INKY is positioned to make waves in the pop music scene. 

In just a short while, INKY has released her debut music video - 

and her single, MY DEAR is being sold in iTunes music stores worldwide (iTunes US and iTunes Australia, Canada, UK, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Chile.) 

See more of Inky in the coming months. HARANA.PH aims to develop and produce untapped talents in the Philippines. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Future of Education in Muntinlupa is Here Today

Our company, Prime Logic, will be signing an agreement with the Department of Education, City of Muntinlupa to implement our flagship collaborative learning product, Virtual Campus, to 65,000 public school students and about 2,000 teachers. I'm truly excited about this because this first step is very important in innovating education in the Philippines.

I was pleasantly surprised how the city of Muntinlupa readily embraced technology as a tool for learning and teaching. With limited budget, the Muntinlupa Science High School improvised and created their own technology in making teaching more effective in their classrooms - a technology I still cannot reveal (which I'm really excited about). Through the use of an online collaborative learning platform, our goal for this project is to raise the National Assessment Test scores and periodical test scores of the students. If we can do that, it would really mean a lot to us in terms of measuring the effectiveness and relevance of eLearning in the public school system. This is a study we will readily share and publish for the academic community. A lot is still to be done, but at least we are already taking the steps in making this a reality. After that, we hope to roll this out to the rest of the municipalities across the nation. 

We are an advocate of online collaborative learning. Through Virtual Campus, we aim to make eLearning not only possible, but raise the bar in Philippine education. If you haven't done so, please do read my blog entry on Social media and eLearning.

Pepper Lunch

We got to eat at Pepper Lunch MOA for the first time after so much contemplation. We wanted to see if it is anywhere as good as the Sizzling Pepper Steak restaurant that practically served the same thing. The prices were a bit steep, considering the serving size. One thing that ruined our dining experience was that the cashier got all my orders wrong, and not all the things I ordered were served to us. But I let that go, since the waiters for courteous enough. We ordered the beef and chicken sizzling plates so we could try both.

It's the same procedure. Cook the beef on the sizzling plate by turning it over, then put the garlic and honey sauce, mix everything around so that the butter and corn makes the rice tasty. The final product looked appetizing, and the taste was also really good. I guess it's also doing a trial and error with the sauces.

The chicken sizzling plate was just so-so. We liked the beef one better.

Overall,  we enjoyed Pepper Lunch, but hopefully next time, the staff would be a little more attentive. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Is the Sisig So Good in Pampanga?

Last Tuesday night, we went to check out Bubusuk, which came highly recommended by our friends from Pampanga. After a long trip, I was looking forward to savor some sizzling Kapampangan foods.

Why is sisig always awesome in Pampanga? I thought it was just psychological, but tasting it over and over again made me realize that I haven't tasted sisig this good in Manila. The tokwa't baboy was also very good, with a different kind of pork. Instead of the usual liempo type pork with the fat, this was fried, and had no fat at all. Yummy.

Good, buttery fried rice.

Thank you to our hosts for treating us to really great sizzling food. Looking forward to going back for the sisig and tokwa't baboy!