Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nokia N9: Promising as a Non-Apple Alternative

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

I'm an Apple fanatic - which means I carry around an iPhone, iPad and a Macbook Pro. It would be very hard for me to switch to another type of device or Operating System because I am a satisfied user. However, I saw and tried the Nokia N9 at the JUMP Experience Center at the Megamall Cyberzone today, and found its elegant interface fascinating. Initial comments: Good weight, nice fit in the hand, cool flat screen with no buttons, great resolution and simple user interfaces. The touch screen is not draggy, just like some Android phones I tried. Down-side: Mediocre camera, confusing at first, home button on the side of the button has to be pressed twice to get to the unlocked screen, and it's not Apple. But nevertheless, I would keep it in mind when it comes out in the market. The price will be a great factor.

Here's a short video I took of my wife toying with the gadget:


  1. Unless you're using a Nokia N8, I don't think you could pull any ranks by saying this has a mediocre camera. You're just probably confused on how to operate it.

  2. Probably so :) It was all at first look. Maybe I'll take a second look. Thanks for the comment :)