Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jatujak: Thai Favorite

With all the Thai restaurants out there, there's always one that we go back to: Jatujak in Megamall. It's a small restaurant near the entrance right in front of the new SM Supermarket (where Toy Kingdom used to be). For us, it has the best Thai food (not necessarily authentic) at the best price.

For me, they have the best tasting Tom Yum Soup. I mean, not necessarily the best ingredients like the high end Thai restaurants, but in terms of taste, hands down more satisfying. You can have it with all shrimps or with mixed seafood. It has just the perfect sourness, which compliments everything else on the table. You can't help but feel satisfied afterwards, especially if you eat it with their Bagoong Rice. Basically, the soup and the rice are what we order every time we dine in Jatujak. 

I ordered the Fried Spring Rolls (Pork) because I wanted an appetizer before the main meals came. I initially thought they were as big as Lumpiang Shanghai, but when it came, it looked more like huge Lumpiang Togues. When I took this photo, there were six of these on the plate. Not bad, but it wouldn't be part of my next dining session at Jatujak, simply because it did not impress me.

I told the waiter to give me something really spicy, short of saying "Give me your best shot". So I told him to give me the hottest item on the menu. He suggested this Red Curry Beef, which I instantly agreed to. Although the taste was very good, the heat was disappointing....

... So I asked the waiter to bring me something hot to add to the dish. They came over with four types of sauces. I immediately dug into the red chilli flakes since it looked like the spiciest of them all. I literally formed a heap on my Red Curry Beef dish, hoping that it would really make me sweat from the heat. Again, it disappointed me. Is my tongue already manhid?

However, it was so good, that I finished it all. I had to order extra plain rice, because the Bagoong Rice we ordered wasn't enough.

My son really enjoyed our Jatujak dining experience, and obviously mommy and daddy did as well. I would definitely recommend Jatujak to those craving for good Thai food, without having to break the bank. The waiters are alert, the food came really fast and it is conveniently located in Megamall. My only suggestion to Jatujak: Add more spicy options to your menu.

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