Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HARANA.PH Cash Cash Pinoy Promo

 As kick-off to a series of promotions leading to our anniversary, our retail company, HARANA.PH, launched a great deal with group buying site CASHCASHPINOY.COM. For a Php 7,000 regular serenade package, we are offering it for just Php 3,500 - and for the Php 13,000 Premium package, Php 7,000. On the first hours, as you can see, "1 BOUGHT" hahahaha. Well, let's see how it will fair on the next 2 weeks of the promo. 

Harana.ph is the first and only serenade and surprise service in the company that brings artists straight to your loved ones, with an intimate performance and a message of love. 

Here's the link of the actual promo - http://cashcashpinoy.com/service/romantically-serenade-loved-ones-with-harana-ph

Get one now while supplies last :) Watch out for the exciting promos right after this one!

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