Thursday, October 6, 2011 Auditions

We recently had an open audition for our e-commerce business, HARANA.PH. It was nice to fresh new Pinoy talents that can be used to make people happy around the country. Good luck to everyone! We've seen a lot of good ones so far :) Congrats to the HARANA team for putting this together.

Marybeth, one of our judges, was very tough but taught the participants how to carry themselves, and how to become a performer.

Marybeth teaches the participant how to read love letters during serenades.

eCommerce Project Manager Venus Cuenco took photos of the participants.

Marybeth tells the participant to pretend he's reading to his girlfriend.

A lot better.

Excited for our new in-house talents for HARANA.PH :) Watch out for a very cool promo this month.


  1. Hey Jason! Loving your blog! Hahaha We definitely love to work with all kinds of artists who not only sing well but also would love to make the hearts of their loved ones skip a beat =)

  2. Oh yeah! :) heheheheh I think you are the best performance coach ever

  3. Awww =) Thank you so much! Cant wait to see these guys in action this Saturday =) See ya in Boho Ave =)