Saturday, September 17, 2011

Working Breakfast at Cafe 1771

Today, I had an early 7:30 working slash meeting breakfast at Cafe 1771. Free and fast wi-fi, an electrical outlet, a good ambiance and great grub are all I need to start a productive day. Cafe 1771 offers all of these, and more.

I ordered this Mexican breakfast (I totally forgot what you call it, it's the second photo on the menu picture above). A fantastic mix of tomatoes, chicken, spices and two sunny side up eggs still cooking on top of the skillet. It came with a piece of wheat bread. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish my meal since I was too focused on accomplishing my work on the laptop, but it was a good meal to start the day with. I washed it down with a tall glass of fresh Dalandan juice. The well-groomed waitresses, who were so good with the customer service, sounded like they were formally trained in call center academies. 

I recommend having breakfast here, if you like working in a relaxing environment first thing in te morning. The food is absolutely satisfying too. 

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