Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Steak Crave: Tender Bob's

Last Saturday, we decided to satisfy our uncontrollable urge for sinful steak by going to Tender Bob's in Greenhills near Promenade.

The place had a lot of nice food photos, so that intensified to our caveman-like hunger. We were ready for some shameful carnage.

We couldn't eat steak without the soup, so we ordered the creamy Clam Chowder. It came in a bread bowl - and I told my wife we should have those in stock at home just in case we wanted to serve soup to guests. The chowder was good and chunky, tasted like it was right out of a Campbell's can (and I meant that as a compliment).

The next dish was an appetizer - Potato Skins. Yummy. No guilt here because we justified that potato skins were healthier than the actual potato - except we were dipping them in really high caloric sauces. My wife used ketchup instead.

The Chicken Ceasar's salad was next. It was okay, nothing out of the ordinary. But we didn't care, we were hungry, our brain registered this as amazing and mouthwatering.

Oh yeah, along came the cow. It was a 16oz U.S. Angus Rib Eye steak. No bone, just pure beef. There was another version, which was the U.S Prime Rib Eye steak, but the only difference was it had more of those marbly fat. It came with a choice of three sauces. We chose the mushroom gravy for this meal, but it didn't matter because my wife likes ketchup on steak. This was enough for two people.

Top view of our steak. 

Side dishes - Mashed Potato (tasteless) and the java rice.

Just had to take a close up of our steak for bragging. We enjoyed our 16oz steak, grilled nicely on the outside, a little bit of bloodiness to show its raw beauty. Just a tiny bit tough on the inside, but then again, it's difficult to cook a perfect steak. It was a nice answer to our carnal craving for food. All those orders we spent around Php 2,000. Not bad for the belly busting meal we had. 

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