Friday, September 30, 2011

Reinventing our Back Office into Creative Space

We've decided to transform our two-story back office building into a creative space for our companies where our staff and employees can work and relax at the same time. I also want it to ignite and inspire innovation among everybody, especially in generating ideas. 

Since our Ortigas office is opening soon with a creative environment, so I thought - colors, toys, sculptures, posters, dartboards, games...just like the other progressive tech companies in the world. No dress code, relaxed environment - but with a strong focus on productivity, results and innovation. It's a work in progress, but we'll get there :)

Thanks for our friend Ernest, we put sculptures in the front reception hall. Our first arrivals were Michael Jordan, Hellboy and a cool bronze half-Superman. 

Some of the employees couldn't help but get out of their seats to start playing with the toys. Applicants, visitors and other outsiders waiting for anything here won't get bored in the reception area because of all the toys to play with. 

Geez I 

Our messengers and assistants started cleaning all the toys that came in. Geez, I can't imagine the chaos when it's "Bring your children to Work" day.

Here's our web developer /programmer Mike with Michael Jordan.

Our Queen of Facebook applications and web developer, Joanne, flirting with Peter Parker.
Peter is not amused.

Our Graphic Designer, Psyche (cool superhero name too. That's her REAL name ok.), posed with Spiderman and Jaggernaut.

Our open source developer, Conrad, decides to pick up something that looked like him.
Go get a cigar.

Admin and HARANA.PH staff, Maricel, was attracted to the scent of Michael Jordan's sweat.

eCommerce Project Manager, Ayen, also went for Michael Jordan. Ok, so he's popular.
So what, we've got arms.

Our Senior Project Manager, Migs, tries a shoot some web, but failed. 
Peter Parker's spider sense is tingling.

Here's Ester, the office mother and lola

Trying to imitate Jaggernaut.

Our office manager and COWO-lola, Ester and Maricel decided to join the fun.

Ron savors the moment of being almost as tall as MJ.

More toys...

... and more toys...

Oh yes, this is going on my desk.

The spiral staircase leading to the second floor, which is the creative and arts group, is guarded by Spiderman and Jaggernaut. 

The wrestlers decided to play around the staircase a bit.
You can't go up unless you win a wrestling match with them.

The view on the way to the second floor.

The second floor is where all the artists and creative people hang out to illustrate, draw, design or to just ...well, hang out.

One of the artists at work.

This space shall be reinvented soon as well.

The MIS group in the office looking all geeky and stuff. This is where all the technical nerdy things happen.

Our tech people pretending to be busy as I was on the other side of the glass watching.

More pretending.

Oh this looks so real it almost looks like they're not pretending to be busy.

 This place will be transformed into a holy land for geeks.

The Admin and HARANA.PH office shall also be reinvented very soon.

The blue training room needs more color, I suppose.

Yeah right, you don't look anywhere near busy. Everytime I walk in the room, you're in the same pose.

Gelix, our eLearning Program Manager, is so serious here and needs to go out and play with the toys.

The company guitar sits in the corner of the room for quick jamming sessions.

Our back office in Shaw is a work in progress. Hopefully, both our Shaw back office building and Ortigas COWO office both offer the best creative environment for people who work for us, and those who will come our way in the future. Oh yeah, we plan to wrap the entire building with cool artwork. How awesome is that. Can't wait for the final outcome :)

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