Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Bid or Buy Provider

We have finally relaunched our Bid and Buy site - PROODLES.COM, one of our eCommerce/online retail initiatives such as our successful HARANA.PH. Amidst the group buying wars in the market today, we decided to stick to powering up credible and trustworthy organizations so that they could launch their own auction events online. has two major ways in selling an item - bid at a low starting price or buy at a discounted rate. No minimum number of items is required to be purchased by customers. Some items are unique, so you will find stuff that only has 1 piece in the inventory. 

The first site will be Assumption High school Batch 87's auction site. Great deals, I must say! You have products from Miladay, Starbucks, Bella Rocca, Globe, Gold's Gym and other high value items. You have to hurry though, some are only selling one item.

Here are some of the great deals!

Why the name Proodles? Well, it's a combination of two words: PROMO and OODLES. Borderline corny? Well, so was Google. Haha.

Those who want to launch their own site, let us know! Just give me a text 09175064105.

Or please LIKE our page . Enjoy the deals!

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