Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pampanga Food Trip: JunJun's

We went to Pampanga recently for another chance at a food trip. Our good friends brought us to JunJun's Restaurant somewhere in Angeles City for some good barbecue. We were in for a treat. My wife and I, as usual, were hungry to taste new palate seducing meals.

JunJun's Restaurant Bibingka and Barbecue is a nice cozy place along the streets of Angeles City which served basically Filipino foods, kapampangan style.

The sisig was perfect. We had to order an extra sizzling plate of this. This dish cemented my belief that the sisig really came from Pampanga. This dish had that perfect mix of chewy, fatty and meaty - with the usual mix-your-own hot sauce, toyo and calamansi.

Java rice was good, perfect with their famous barbecue sauce, which you can actually flood your rice with. We ordered an extra cup for me and my wife. One is just not enough.

Pinakbet was not bad at all, although I didn't eat much of it. Not the time for vegetables my friend.

The barbecue chicken was awesome, especially when paired with their sauce. Very homey taste, just like it came from your own backyard barbecue station. The white meat was a little dry, but who cares, we devoured everything in sight.

I loved the pancit. I mean, it was nothing special, but it complimented the dishes really well. 

Thanks for the treat, Batac Family! I would definitely go back to JunJun's. There was only one thing really awful about this place, was that it practically ruined our diets.

Hoping to be back in Pampanga for more food trips!

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