Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Love Affair with Japanese Fast Food: Karate Kid

Sometimes, there's just this restaurant that you just go back to again and again if you can't decide where to eat, just because you got addicted to some of their menu selections. For us, it was Karate Kid.

I don't really know why I like these Gyozas, when there are so many high-quality japanese dumplings being served in other popular restaurants. I like them with their white rice. The sauce is very nice as well.

Whenever I eat anything oriental, be it Japanese or Chinese, I always make sure I try any of their tofu meals. Thank God for a quick fix for my tofu furai craving. Light on the pocket and fast, I can just eat this anytime whenever I'm in Megamall without dining in an expensive Japanese Restaurant.

No need to order this mediocre Yakisoba. I got this for free by presenting the SM Advantage Card.

For your cheap and fast Japanese food fix, I would recommend Karate Kid. But don't eat there all the time, just enough to make your love affair bearable for a longer time.

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