Wednesday, September 14, 2011

COWO ASIA: Coming Soon!

COWO is a new co-working space and virtual office service we are launching next month, which allows freelancers, entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners to collaborate in a creative yet professional environment. Imagine artists, web designers, fashion designers, photographers, accountants, lawyers, sales people and other freelancers working together under one coworking space. It's my company's new investment that we are currently giving a lot of our time and effort because we believe in it so much.

I must say, things are rolling! We've got a great and dedicated team to get this project flying off the ground. Just uploading the "before" photos of the first COWO site, which was during the inspection of the architects and designers. Really excited to see the finished site.

Just to give you a basic idea on how COWO will look like, here's the perspective of the entrance and reception area. :)

We will have several COWO sites up and running this year, with God's blessing. Please visit our Facebook fan page to get updates. To know more about COWO and how to become a member, email or You don't need to stay in the coffee shop the whole day anymore. Welcome to your new office.

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