Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Contagion: My Wife Gives it 4 stars......Out of 10.

We were able to catch the film Contagion last weekend. I knew absolutely nothing about this movie, since there were really not much publicity about it except theater posters, though if you look at the cast - it's star studded. The film is about a contagious and fatal disease spreading across the world. You start with flu-like symptoms, then die with white foamy liquid coming out of your mouth. Basically, it just gives you a story of a sickness being passed from one person to another, and team from CDC (Center for Disease Control) trying to find a solution for it. Eventually they find a vaccine for it, but millions of people have already died from it (ooppss...spoiler).

Well, my wife thinks it's a 4 out of 10. I gave it a 7. So as a couple, we give it a 5.5, which is sadly, a failing grade. The story was promising, building quite well in the beginning. But as the movie dragged on, we found ourselves waiting impatiently for the climax, or even some sort of nerve wracking conflict. Was the disease from a terrorist trying to kill the world's citizens? Was it an alien flu strain which travelled several light years in preparation for an invasion? None of the above. It was just a regular flu (reminiscent of the bird flu or N1H1) which came from bat droppings. People got sick, people died, some were immune,  and people got sick again. Someone created a vaccine. Ho-hum. 

Someone coughed in the movie house, and it did make us paranoid for a few seconds.

Word of advise? Just watch it on DVD, and make sure you carry a bottle of alcogel with you everyday.

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