Sunday, August 28, 2011

Classic PC Games with your Mac

What fun. I found a DOS game emulator for the Mac, and it plays most if not all the abandoned and classic PC games we used to play with when we were little boys. 

Here's Alley Cat, one of the classic PC games. You can also see Warcraft 2 running in the background, since Boxer lets you play several games all at once.

It also organizes your games like the iBooks program. How cool is that.

Download your copy :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kanin Club: Sign me Up

Yesterday, on our usual Saturday family outing, we decided to go Kanin Club at the Ayala Technohub, Commonwealth. I wanted to try something different, and this was suggested by a good friend of mine. I've heard a lot of good stuff about it, so it was time to check it out.

The menu suggests to you what people usually order, which was really helpful. The restaurant was jampacked, so the waiter asked us to order while we wait outside under a beautiful sky of dark rain clouds.

It was a comfy looking place, very modern-Filipino-ish, with a view of a pond of Koi fish swimming around. They could have improved on the acoustics a little bit, since it got really noisy when all the people started talking. 

My wife prepping up to chow down with gluttonous vigor. Oh yeah, we were ready to eat.

Since Kanin Club was popular for its rice meals, we ordered both the Aligue Rice and the Loaded Fried Rice. It was good for 2-3 persons per order, so we would just take home the left over, and give it to some homeless guy out there. We just had to taste both.

 The Aligue Rice (or Crab fat rice) tasted more like ordinary fried rice, with a small blob of aligue sitting on top of it. Didn't really taste it that much, but was satisfying enough. The menu read "...worth the extra hour of exercise at the gym". Nope it wasn't.

This particular rice meal, the Loaded Fried Rice, was much better. Tasty and action packed with a lot of ingredients including pork, beans, chinese sausage - soaked in some sort of adobo-like concoction. Reminds me of a filipino style yang chow. Order this one instead of the Aligue rice. 

Oh, this one I really liked. Tapa ni Ana (No, I didn't ask who Ana was), a house specialty, was delicious. A very filipino dish accompanied by vinegar -based dipping sauce. The only complaint was the processed meat was too soaked in oil, but nevertheless yummy. This would be part of my next visit to Kanin Club.

Being a tofu-lover, I just had to order Tokwa't Baboy. Not spectacular, but what would you expect with fried beancurd and fatty pork on soy sauce-vinegar mixture. I enjoyed it though, just like I would in any other restaurant.

My wife and I really enjoyed the Pinakbet. Perfect bagoong quantity and quality added the right saltiness to the dish. Vegetables were a little overcooked, but still delicious with the rice. Some sort of flattened and dried liempo garnished the dish

To sum it up, the overall Kanin Club experience was a good one. I would come back again, this time bringing friends (because we could order more options to sample). All in all, be prepared to shell out 300 to 400 pesos per person, depending on what you order. Not bad at all. Kanin Club, where do I get the membership form?

Useless Activity to Pass the Time

Wow it's been a while since I've blogged. I had too many things to do this month, and I couldn't find time to sit and write something. Oh well, I guess I should start the move to change the title of this blog from "Daily Overdose" to "Monthly Overdose" - or most appropriately, "If I have time Overdose". I guess it happens to a lot of bloggers, if not all. Or maybe I've been writing more of the food blogs at 

Anyway, I started using this almost pathetic game, PLUSH WARS, I found on the Mac App Store to sort of clear my head when I'm swamped with things to do. When I say pathetic, it doesn't mean I don't play it once in a while. All you have to do is shoot at monster teddy bears with your cannon that is armed with little robot creature things. 

With your cannon, you shoot little creatures at rabid teddy bears and prevent them from killing your castle. It's trying to be a cute tower defense game.

Apparently, I'm not very good at it. My princess character has been ravaged by mentally retarded teddy bears with their cotton guts spilling out of their bodies.

Download it, it's free, enjoy it. Don't buy it, it's pathetic. I kinda like the music though. Now back to something more interesting... bumming.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Great Japanese Find at the Manila Polo Club

About a few weeks back, we had a casual meeting at the Manila Polo Club with PJ Castro and Edmund Zialcita (President and General manager of Kameraworld/BigK imaging respectively) over lunch. We ended up dining at Nanten "Japanese Cuisine at the Willow Root". 

The winner of the day was the special blend Iced tea which was awesome. This would be the reason why I would go back to this place. Perfect sweetness and lemony taste to quench the thirst.

My friend and partner, Jayjay, introduced me to this pea pods. You remove the peas from the green covering, and munch of them, Literally tasteless, but it grows on you. 

The California Maki, usual staple of the Japanese restaurant table. A good version. 

The Tuna Sashimi was very good. Fresh and clean.

I didn't eat this. It looks too gooey for me.

The Futomaki was just okay, and I ate only a couple because it was so filling. There was
something raw inside, which I couldn't figure out what.

Tempura Maki, one of the best on the table that day.

If I remember correctly, this was called "Spider" Maki. It consists of your regular maki ingredients with soft-shelled crab which you can eat as a whole. Yummy! I would definitely order this again.

We were so full from all the sushi and sashimi, but we decided to take that extra mile and order Sukiyaki. This was the best Sukiyaki I've had in a few years - tasty, perfect blend of sweet and salty, and good beef.

I would rate Nanten an 8/10, with great sushi selections. However, because of the fantastic iced tea, I give it another +1. I would go back to this place to savor the other dishes we didn't order. Calling PJ Castro - when are we meeting again?