Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pho Hoa Vermicelli Bowl: Bravissimo.

Our family is always on the lookout for something healthy and delicious to eat on our weekend bonding adventures, and if we run out of delectable options, we happily go to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Hoa, to eat the Vermicelli Bowl. And that's exactly what we did yesterday. We invaded the little center nook at Robinson's Galleria basement area for a late lunch before our movie. In a divine and provident manner, the standee on the table was the Vietnamese Vermicelli bowl advertisement. "Well-love" indeed.

The fresh spring rolls came first, which I ordered as an appetizer.  A clean and fresh mouth explosion of mixed raw vegetables,  tiny slices of pork and vietnamese white noodles, wrapped in some kind of edible wrapper. You dip it in the sweet, brown peanut condiment, and generously mix it with the complimentary red chili sauce. A great way to start off a meal.

I also ordered the String Beans with Pork, together with a bowl of steamed rice to combat the saltiness of the dish. My taste buds were really satisfied.

Ah, finally, the star of our dining experience. I ordered the large bowl of Vermicelli so that I could share  with my wife. But if you have a large appetite, you could actually finish this yourself, since it's a very light dish.

My wife posed for the camera to prove that the bowl of Vermicelli was bigger than her head.

The Vermicelli is a wonderful mix of Vietnamese Noodles, salad greens, carrots, cucumber, fried spring rolls and slices of barbecued pork. The best part is the tangy, sweet vinaigrette dressing that's really delicious. 

Enjoy the Vermicelli! 

If you haven't tasted the Vermicelli Bowl of Pho Hoa, I recommend it, especially those watching what they eat. It's healthy, tasty and you won't get that disgustingly full feeling after devouring a meal. I have one question though. Isn't Vermicelli Italian? Oh well, call it whatever you want, it's yummy. 'Til the next blog post, folks!

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