Sunday, June 12, 2011

Your Highness The Movie: Writing the Script As They Filmed?

Admittedly, I'm an fan of nonsense, sarcastic, and shallow comedy, so on a slow, quiet Sunday afternoon, I decided to pop in the DVD, Your Highness, without expecting too much from it. 

Starring the comedian, Danny McBride, and curiously, big names such as James Franco, the smart and beautiful Zooey Deschanel, and Thor co-star, Natalie Portman - it is a medieval comedy about two princes who lived in a kingdom. One is a dashing noble heir to the throne, Fabious (Franco) and the black sheep of the castle and slacker dumb ass prince Thadeus (McBride). They go on this rescue operation quest after Franco's virgin bride, (Zooey) gets magically kidnapped by an evil wizard. The team then meets Isabel (Portman), who joins the quest. Without going any further, the rest of the movie, well as you would expect - silly, useless and looked like the scriptwriter was jotting down the dialogue on rolls of toilet paper as they went along. The actors probably adlibed most of the time too. I could imagine the director going "That's good enough! Next scene! Hurry, I have to be home for dinner.". The use of modern foul language in a medieval setting, the toilet humor, fake gore, bad special effects, bad script and constant sexual references reminded me of films such as "Men in Tights", "The Princess Bride", "Scary Movie" or "Meet the Spartans". The set design gets a passing grade though, and costumes are not bad as well.

But who cares? Natalie Portman was obviously forced to wear butt cheek revealing thongs taking a bath in the swamp and looked hot in archer-ranger outfit, and as for Zooey, well, she's always cute but didn't appear much in the movie. Both of them present in the movie already made it worth my while, but God Almighty, what a waste of talent - same goes for Golden Globe winning actor Franco. It's baffling even mind boggling how the three stars accepted this movie after reading the script - probably needed the extra money.

If you enjoy these kinds of slacky, nonsensical movies like me, then just sit back and enjoy the lightness and "no-thinking-needed" entertainment.  Some of you will think this would be the worst 2 hours you will ever spend, but some people like me, will just have fun, sometimes even laugh. Actually, I laughed a few times in the movie. How much you will like this movie will depend on how much you like this genre, and if you don't find McBride's acting annoying. I wouldn't pay to watch it on the big screen though, but good enough to watch on DVD if you don't have anything important to do. While watching the movie I had time to surf the web and not really miss any precious scenes - so you can actually just play this in the background. I would watch this again, only if it's playing on TV, and I'm too lazy to press on the remote to switch the channel.

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