Saturday, June 4, 2011

X-men First Class: True to its Subtitle

As I'm sipping away on my Cafe Latte here at Bo's coffee Galleria, I'm thinking of the words to describe the movie I just watched with a friend today - X-men: First Class...

..and how else but to use its subtitle - first class!

(Before you read: Warning, possible spoilers)

I thought that First Class was the best episode of the entire X-men franchise, with a captivating storyline and hold-on-to-your-seat action. Although I honestly felt that the acting of some of the characters were just mediocre and make-up/costume was a tad boring, the special effects and build-up to the finale were very effective. The film's plot revolves around the origin of the X-men, focusing on the then younger metal controller Magneto (Erik Lehnsher) and genetics geek Professor X (Charles Xavier), and how the war between mutants and humans began. Moreover, it told the story of how the two friends fought side by side to neutralize the threat of a world war by foiling the plans of an evil mutant, but eventually became enemies because of their different principles on mutants' status  living among "normal" people. Again, it was the never-ending issue of Erik's haunting past in the Nazi concentration camps that led him to his inner turmoil, anger and pain, being calmed by his mild-mannered telepathic friend, Charles.

I appreciated the inclusion of the Hellfire Club villains to the plot, headed by its energy absorbing mutant leader Sebastian Shaw(veteran Kevin Bacon). Other characters include Emma Frost (The White Queen), Banshee, Angel, Havoc, Hank McCoy(Beast), and of course, the blue shape-shifting babe Mystique. I can't remember the names of the other characters though (a Hellboy-look-a-like-slash-Nightcrawler and a whirlwind-slash-tornado conjurer of some sort). You will also find out about a lot of other cool and interesting origins - such as how Cerebro started, who came up with the name "X-men", why Professor X ended up on a wheelchair, or where the anti-telepathic helmet of Magneto came from. 

If you are expecting to see your favorite X-men characters from the previous episodes (Cyclops, Storm, Rogue..etc), then you will be little disappointed, although you will see a very familiar hot headed, self-healing character sometime in the movie. I had hoped for a better line up of superheroes though, but then again maybe it was the original comic book story which I am not familiar with. Another thing, don't wait for the end of the credits - there is NO preemptive scene for the next X-men movie.

If you watch this film with other people, you will probably stay quiet on your seat engrossed and glued to the screen, instead of talking to your seatmate. The action packed finale is something to look forward to. This is definitely a film you will enjoy, X-men geek or not. Well worth your time and money. Loved it, might watch it again in the near future. Don't miss it!

By the way, an interesting comment by Ron, my movie companion -  - a guy is lucky to have Mystique as a girlfriend, you can make her look like anybody you want. Oo nga naman.

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