Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seeing in a Small and Concise Way: Twitter Photos and Videos

This is loooong overdue.
Those who have been using third party apps like Twitpic, YFrog and Instagram (major blow to them I suppose) to share their photos and videos on Twitter will now have an option: to use its native application.

Twitter announced that within the next few weeks, users will be able to upload photos and videos and attach them to their posts, apparently powered by Photobucket. So instead of viewing the photo outside of  Twitter, you would be able to see it without leaving the site. Instead of people telling me what they had for breakfast, I will see a plate of bacon and eggs. Most popular photos and videos will be displayed as well. I'm not sure why photos still appear as links though, not like Facebook where you see a thumbnail on the post. Maybe Twitter wanted to still stick to its original idea of small and concise messages. 

What's interesting is that this feature will be cascaded down to the mobile phone app versions, so I can just take a photo of whatever I see on the street and attach it to my tweet anytime. SNAPARAZZI!!! Will be interesting to see my twitter wall when this launches.

I think everyone saw this coming. Just some questions:

Will we see more of the "Too many tweets" server fail page because of more impact to their servers?
So how many "extended arm self-mobile phone camera-photos" will we be seeing here? 

Watch Twitter's video ad on Youtube below:

Hmm.....looks like Twitter is pro-Mac and pro-iPhone. Or is this a preemption of an integration?

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