Friday, June 17, 2011

Remy Martin Cognac Appreciation Night

Last Wednesday night, I stopped by Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant along Macapagal Ave. in Pasay for Remy Martin's cognac appreciation event, Xtra Ordinary Affairs (a play on the X.O. acronym), which was beautifully organized by our dear friend, Sunny Ku. Free flowing cognac all evening! Good, unique chinese food (shank, mantis, sea cucumber..), Binondo secret taipans,  really tall good-looking girls serving cognac without hesitation and a great opportunity to network.

Outside Golden Bay restaurant. Sorry for the bad photo, what can I do with an old camera phone at night?

The door welcomes me with a big X and O - I'm in for a treat tonight.

My first glass of cognac for the evening, on the rocks. It was really smooth, though if it's your first time to drink cognac, you will need time to get used to it. 

The menu. Mantis, shark - a lot of things I haven't tried. 

Ah, the taste of grapes and rubbing alcohol touch my lips.

Soup with shark meat. It tasted like fish.

The mantis was good. The taste was a mix of shrimp and lobster served in a sweet sauce.

The shark "head and bone" were cooked in lots of garlic, salt and pepper. I ate mostly the garlic, salt and pepper.

Sea cucumber, traditional chinese style cooking with broccoli. It was kind of rubbery for my taste.

Fried rice was really pale looking, but I realized it was called Special Fried Rice with Egg White after reading the menu again. It was good and tasty, though.

Spinach Bean curd. Had two of these because I was a fan of tofu, but I've had better at Mr. Choi.

Peking duck wrapped in lettuce. You can't go wrong with this, except with your cholesterol.

Peking duck meat with kropek. Tried to avoid this but I couldn't. I love Peking duck. 

I won the raffle! Limited edition Remy Martin Cognac flown in from Paris.
I took the opportunity to have my brag photo taken.

I didn't want to leave without a photo op with Sunny Ku and the hot Remy Martin girls.

It was a cool night with live jazzy music and a lot of cognac. What topped it all was the fact that I won in the raffle, and now I have a red bottle of cognac which I can keep for generations to come until somebody decides to party hard. Now the question in my head has been answered, it IS pronounced as Remy Martan (sounds better too in a fake french accent). Thanks Sunny Ku! 

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