Monday, June 13, 2011

Pole Dancing for 3-year Olds: Sign of the Times?

I was surprised to hear about these dance schools in the UK offering pole dancing lessons to kids as young as three-year olds. As a response to the outcry of child protection groups, they defend themselves by saying that this is just another activity to keep fit and to learn how to balance. Geez, why not have strip dancing lessons while you're at it?

Aren't there other ways to keep fit? Pole dancing, as a term connotes to something "adult" and "sexy" actually in any culture, with images of scantily clad women doing different "sexual" positions on a pole, usually spreading their legs widely and sliding down the phallic symbol.

Yes, there are pole dancing classes for adults, but they are mature enough to think of it as exercise. Yes pole dancing is a way to exercise and keep fit, but c'mon -  it sends a very dangerous message to our kids. Just let them use the monkey bars for Christ's sake.

No wonder our kids get wilder each generation. What's the world coming to? 

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