Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's Your Buyer's Mood?

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While watching a TV special about bread on cable (yes, bread. There's nothing good on HBO),  an executive of a pre-packed sandwich factory said something interesting during his interview.

At the start of the week, when women feel good, optimistic and positive about themselves, they sell more of the light, fat-free sandwiches - and as you go later in the week, when women feel tired and spent, sales of the more indulgent, meaty and high calories sandwiches shoot up. I wonder if it's the same behavior everywhere. I believe that women do choose their food based on their mood, but of course, the mood is greatly affected by issues such as PMS, a bad day at work or an argument with the boyfriend, and all of these could happen at the start of the week.

What I'm thinking: Can we actually chart the general mood patterns of the public through out the week to make decisions on how we sell or market our products? What is the general mood of the public at the start of the week and towards the end of the week? I guess you would still have to segregate them based on age, income level, civil status, and a lot of other factors. Hopefully somebody comes up with a "Market Mood Study", and surely this will help retailers decorate their stores based on the general mood of the mall shoppers at the time of the week. I think the concept is the same whenever it's Christmas. During Christmas, the mood is jolly and generous, so sales go up. As with Valentine's Day, flower sales go up. When it's rainy, soup and noodle sales probably go up. Those occasions are easy, since you will know the general mood during those times. The challenge is studying your product movement, variants, or product mix based on the mood patterns of your chosen market on a regular week. 

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