Saturday, June 4, 2011

Man Food Today: Classic Steakhouse Burger

Before we went to watch the film X-men: First Class today, we stopped by Burger King and I, without second thought, got myself a Classic Steakhouse Burger. I wanted to get "man" food today, since my wife and kid were on vacation in Baguio, and I'm left in Manila without a warden (joke lang mommy).

There's that tempting sign on the menu. 100% Angus Beef.

It's huge. It's got a steak patty, onion rings, cheese, tomatoes and a whole lot of other stuff, on a soft pandesal-like bun. I had a difficult time finishing it since I'm used to halving this with my wife.

"Hey, why is yours bigger than mine?" That didn't sound right.
Ron's Whopper burger looked deceptively bigger than my Steakhouse burger.

Yummy. Mouthwatering beefiness with built in fried onion rings.
All 800 calories of it. I guess it's ok because I got Coke Zero to balance it out.

Remind me to get a blood test soon. 

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