Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mac OS X LION Coming This July!

After the long anticipation, Apple announced recently that the Mac OS X Lion would be coming this July 2011 on the Mac App Store for just $29.95! The upgraded features were already revealed several months ago, but checking out the video made it more exciting. You could see how this new operating system, again, would really revolutionize how we work on the computer. Lion has over 250 new features, including new multi-touch gestures, full screen applications, Mission Control (bird's eye view of every app running), iPAD-like interface, Resume, new Mail interface, and many more. It also has improved security, with enhanced runtime protection and application sandboxing (more difficult for malicious programs to attack a certain application issue).  Check out all the features here. 

Other features that caught my attention:

New Photobooth - The Mac Photobooth application is fun. My 2-year old loves it. So it's good to know that 9 new photo effects have been integrated into Lion such as Facial Tracking, Lovestruck, Dizzy, Frog, Nose Twirl and Blockhead. 

Full Screen Preview - I use the Preview app a lot to check out photos and read PDFs, and now Lion removes all the clutter of your desktop by making it full screen.

Full Screen Safari Browser - Now I can't get over this. Browsing websites in full screen! 

A New Improved Spotlight - We all know that the Spotlight feature is one of the most useful things on the Mac. Spotlight can now search the web, do a quick preview and allow drag and drop of the file.

New Mail interface - I like the Mail interface on the iPAD, and now they've integrated it on to the Mac. Nice!

Watch the video below:

Again, I feel that Apple has thought about the users, and created an upgrade that simplifies, beautifies and inspires -- like their iPhone tagline, OS X Lion "changes everything". 

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