Friday, June 10, 2011

Hangover Part II: Predictably Funny.

Finally watched Hangover Part II today after a long day's work. I wanted to watch this because I really enjoyed the first one.

The Wolfpack is back, and they did it again.

For me, Hangover 2 was probably the most entertaining comedy I've seen this year. When I say entertaining, I meant that I laughed several times because of smart dialogue and distasteful,funny scenes (SM Cinemas NOT showing Hangover Part II because of its rating) - however, I wouldn't exactly give it an A+ rating, since it was all way too familiar.

(No spoiler alert)

The flow of the film was almost identical to the first one (wedding preparation scene - Phil calls saying something bad happened - flashback - party with alcohol intake - waking up clueless in an unfamiliar place (hungover) - a guy is missing (the bride's little brother) - try to find missing guy around Bangkok - almost didn't make the wedding - barely made the wedding but they did anyway - wild photos of what transpired during end credits), which was just okay if you're just after the outlandish fun. It felt like they took the same movie, but just changed the location to Bangkok. The downside to that is it became too predictable, so unlike the first one, there was practically no element of surprise, no mystery, no engagement to the characters and plot. When you're watching something like Hangover, you ought to be panicking with them as they try to fix the odd situation they are in. But what you end up thinking is it's all going to the same ending as the first anyway - they will eventually find the guy, fix the crap they are in, and make it back in time for the wedding.

Oh, but don't get me wrong. It was freaking hilarious, and for me, that's the bottom line. I don't think the writer really meant to engage the viewer to the plot anyway, but just tried to create a really funny movie, and he succeeded, especially as the movie progressed. I don't think viewers are going to care anyway. It's a guy movie, guys will truly enjoy this film, and it somehow makes you want to go and look for friend who's getting married so that you can have an excuse to throw him a stag party.  It has its share of gross situations, "unpleasant" nudity, foul language, raunchy scenes - and of course, you have that annoying chinese gangster guy that just works. Doug (Justin Bartha) was practically just an extra, Phil (Bradley Cooper) was more present in the movie, and Stu (Ed Helms) was the one getting married (to the hot Lauren, played by Jamie Chung). I particularly enjoyed watching Allen (Zach Galifianakis) - he was retard-hilarious in the movie. Yes, it was good to see the Wolfpack together again. 

I was looking forward to watching this movie, and it did not disappoint, even if it was like a "repeat". Yes, I would definitely recommend this movie and give it a B+ just because it made me laugh, but not if you are looking for some wholesome family entertainment.

Did you know:
That Warner Bros. was sued by a Missouri tattoo artist who claimed he had the copyright to the tattoo on Stu's face (the same on on Mike Tyson's face). I am not sure if they have settled this, but if not, they would have to digitally alter the tattoo, one scene at a time. Late nights at the studio, I presume?

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