Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Lantern: Appreciation is Inversely Proportionate to Expectation

We caught the film, Green Lantern, today on Father's Day after a good lunch at Amici, Greenhills.
Reviews on the web weren't that fantastic with someone even cruelly blogging "Green is the color of boredom". As a matter of fact, as we were leaving the theater after the movie, I heard some people say that they slept through the film. So I entered the Cinema 5 of Robinson's Galleria expecting the worst. Surprise, wife and I enjoyed the movie, even though she fell asleep for a bit in the middle of it.

My thoughts on the movie:
  • Special effects and set design were spectacular. Lots of green though.
  • Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern? I'm still undecided. I always thought of him more as a romantic comedy kind of guy with that non-superhero person. I guess this helped in adding a little comic relief in the movie. He's also lean and fit, which makes the costume sort of cool. 
  • Storyline not as deep and engaging as I would have wanted it (battle between the "greens-Will" and the "yellows-Fear"). Kind of corny?
  • Audio was fantastic. It's so effective, it made the bad scenes looked really good.
  • The mask did no good in hiding his identity. But that's not their fault, since it's based on the comic character.
I guess appreciation is inversely proportionate to expectation. When you expect the worse, you will appreciate the movie more. I liked the movie despite the fact that everybody was saying it was just okay, or that it was boring. In fact, after the movie, our reaction was "Hey it's not that bad." Still, we went home not saying a word about it anymore.

I feel that it's a movie that you will enjoy watching, but will stop talking about after a few days. I'm not a huge DC Comics or a Green Lantern fan, so I just sat back and enjoyed the great effects, comical lines and fast-paced action. Younger people who don't know Green Lantern from their childhood will probably not love this. I'm not sure how avid Green Lantern comic fans will react to this, though - will probably start a revolt. 

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