Monday, June 20, 2011

Gloria Maris Hot Pot on a Holiday

Since we weren't able to eat at Green Maris (or Gloria Maris hot pot restaurant) on Father's Day, my dad decided to treat us today. I've been craving for this since yesterday, so I prepared myself for gluttony by not eating breakfast. 

The first thing to arrive was the bowl of birthday noodles. What can I say, it's birthday noodles. Yummy toppings, with naughty cholesterol-infused quail eggs and rubbery squid - chinese noodle goodness. The end result was an empty bowl.

Then the hot pot ingredients arrived, together with the Yang Chow Fried Rice. Now we're talking. We ordered the fish balls, shrimp wantons, abalone mushrooms (awesome), and some sort of green leafy vegetable. Not in the picture was the beef, which was sneakily placed on the bottom tray.

I couldn't eat hot pot without my all-time favorite gout-inducing tofu.

Oh yes, it has reached boiling point, ladies and gentlemen. Time for the ingredients to swim in their choice of spicy or plain soup.

The selection of sauces and condiments beside us. I only used the chili though, because I've been salivating for good chinese chili paste all week.

Here's Gabby enjoying his Yang Chow.

There goes our diet down the drain.

My son, gabby was so satisfied, he fell asleep in the car while munching on an oreo cookie (hence the black crumbs around the mouth). We went to S&R Pricemart after lunch to do some groceries. Guess what happened? Left my car door open the whole time! For 45 minutes, my car was open for looting. Good thing that the roving security guard noticed it, and stayed with the car until we finished shopping. I hope he puts the 50 pesos tip to good use.

And just to share with you, I saw "Caffeine-free" Coke on the shelves. Do you still consider this as Coke? 300+ pesos for 12 cans. 

As a whole, it was a good day. It's back to work tomorrow. Daddy duties again! 

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