Sunday, June 5, 2011

CleanMyMac: Housekeeping for your Mac

When I used to work with Windows, there's this useful little application under the Accessories folder called Disk Cleanup which I ran very often, especially when I'm running low on disk space. It finds useless files inside your computer and helps you delete them automatically. Now that I am a Mac user, I tried searching for something similar.

What I found was MacPaw's CleanMyMac. It's secured, fast and does the job well, cleaning even the files which I don't know I had lurking in my hard drive. It helps me keep my hard drive space at optimal levels as it deletes gigabytes of data. These are the kind of files it obliterates:

Caches, Logs, Language Files, Universal Binaries, System Junk, Trashes and Leftovers.

One of the features I like is the Uninstaller feature which automatically helps you in uninstalling an application by dragging it to CleanMyMac. It even has a language file remover that weeds out the others you don't need if you only use English or your native language. There are a total of 50 features, which you can review here: 

I can preview the different files before I ask CleanMyMac to remove them.

I can also manage my plug-ins, extensions and widgets easily.

The security feature asks me for my password if it's about to make changes to my Mac.

There, I just cleaned a whopping 580.38 MB right now.  I can even tweet the result, but why would I do that?

There's a free version that cleans 500 MB max, but I suggest to shell out the $29.95 for lifetime license, and download it from the Mac App Store. Updates are free so you also have the latest CleanmyMac application. For me, it's an essential must-have application to keep your Mac clean and healthy. 

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