Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celtic Woman: Angels on Earth

There are those artists who don't deserve to be worldwide pop superstars, but make tons of money being untalented - and there are those who don't deserve it,  but don't receive the proper recognition. One example of the latter is my favorite all-female vocal group, Celtic Woman. I discovered them last year while looking for celtic instrumental music online, and I've been hooked listening to them ever since. They are really popular in a lot of countries, but I'm not sure if people know them here in the Philippines. Angelic voices, good-looking and undeniably talented, they are awesome individually and as a group. They do mostly renditions of songs, but in their own celtic flavor. I love the voices of Hayley Westenra (former Celtic Woman) and Chloe Agnew, which I happen to be friends with on Facebook (I don't know if it's really them, though). I listen to Celtic Woman to wind down, to relax and to refresh while inside the car.

For you to appreciate it better, watch my favorite songs of Celtic Woman on these links (EMI Records won't allow me to embed the videos here). You will not be disappointed, unless you are a satanic metalhead.

Somewhere over the Rainbow - (group)
Scarborough Fair - (solo by Hayley)
Caledonia - (solo by Liza)
The Prayer - (Solo by Chloe)

If you don't have the songs or album yet, go get one from their website -

Hope to watch them live soon. Hello, Celtic Woman, Asian tour please. And by the way, before you jump into any conclusion about my sexual preference, I also dig heavy metal and rock music.

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