Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boy of the 80's PART FIVE

By popular demand (actual just one person's demand, my sister), here's Part 5 of my nostalgic blog post, Boy of the 80's. Please check out Part 1 - 4 if you haven't done so.


Sweet Valley High Books - Ok, the only reason why I put this is because my two sisters,Jamie and Joy, had a collection of these (still around the house!). Girls went crazy over this series during that time. I liked some of them because I thought the girls in the cover were hot. 

Magnolia Ice Cream House - My family used to go here a lot when we were kids. I remember the Rainbow Parfait and the Peach Cobbler. Oh yeah, and the Barquillos! Images of the place still flash in my mind. What did you used to order?

Mastermind game - Do you remember this game where you have to guess the color combination pegs of your opponent? Cool game. Used to play this a lot. They probably have online game versions of this now.

Oddly Shaped 2-peso coin - Felt rich when I had these in my pocket.

Mighty Kid Shoes - Who didn't have Mighty Kid shoes back then? You were cool when you wore them.

White Rabbit candy - Chewy, milky and sweet, we all loved the White Rabbit candy.

Fisher Price Movie Viewer - When we were kids, we had the Fisher Price Movie Viewer. Just insert the cartridge and see moving pictures by looking through the hole. Brings back a lot of memories!

Bazooka Bubble Gum - Who can forget this gum with a free comic strip inside? Sumasakit ang panga sa kaka-nguya.

Candy Cigarettes - Unroll them and find bubble gum with power-like substance. 

Mik-Mik Milk Powder - Tear it open, put in the green straw and suck all the milk powder.

To be continued......

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