Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Successful Harana in Pampanga

Last Thursday, (my company that does surprise serenades around the Philippines) drove all the way to Pampanga to do a surprise harana from Bojok to his wife, Knor, in celebration of their 14 years of blissful marriage. I tagged along with the team because the sender of the harana happened to be the first cousin of my wife, so I wanted to supervise and check it out myself. As expected, it was another successful serenade surprise for my whole team, and once again, we made a girl cry out of happiness. What girl could resist the voice of Vince Alaras (Southborder) singing one of their hits right before her very eyes.

Details of this harana:
The victim: Knor Batac, mother of 2 kids, husband of Bojok for 14 years
The sender: Bojok Batac
The event: 14th year  Anniversary
Place: Max's Restaurant, SM Pampanga
Serenade Artist: Vince Alaras (former Southborder frontman)
Instrumentalist: Nanun de Borja (Coffeestlye)
Coordinator: Tryron de Guzman (Coffeestyle)
Task: To surprise Knor with a serenade while dining in a restaurant for their 14th anniversary

When we arrived in San Fernando, Pampanga, Vince and Nanun rehearsed a little behind my car before the scheduled harana, while goofing around with us and the coordinator, Try. My wife and I took photos for documentation.

After some mobile coordination with the sender, we entered SM Pampanga to meet the accomplice, Krizia, to get the bouquet of flowers. I noticed a lot of people looking at Vince, former frontman for Southborder. That's my wife, Gaye, taking photos while walking.

We stopped by a Jollibee on the way to the location.

Vince received the flowers from the accomplice before going in the restaurant for the surprise.

When the time arrived, we went quickly to Max's restaurant for the surprise harana.

The team went straight to their table to surprise them. A lot of by-standers were getting a treat also from the mini-concert we created inside Max's Restaurant.

Vince sang three songs, including their hit song, Kahit Kailan, to the wife.

Knor could not hold back the tears of joy. One reason why we love working as We've done so many serenades, and each one is so special to us. Here is Vince reading a love letter/poem for her from Bojok, sincere, emotional, beautiful and poetic. Bojok got a little teary eyed as well. 

More songs from Vince....

Some congratulatory words from Vince to wrap up the surprise harana.

The lovely couple celebrating their anniversary. Plus pogi points for Bojok that night! Hm...who's that girl behind them watching the coverage?

Picture taking with the couple and the team. 

Some waiters also came to join in the photo shoot. I have no idea how I'm going to send these photos to them.

Vince was really excited about his "Chicken all you can" meal. Thanks Vince for a job well done.

What's left of the "chicken all you" can plates. Only the harana boys ordered, while my wife and I ate sinigang. After this, they got really dizzy from eating too much chicken.

There are more photos at Watch out for the video of this harana! Meanwhile, you might want to check out our other harana clients - is a business I established with partners late last year, is the first and only professional serenade service in the country today, where we send professional artists to surprise serenade your loved ones. If you want to send more than the usual gifts, don't hesitate to contact me personally. 

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