Sunday, May 29, 2011

Traffic is getting worse. JetPack anyone?

As I was patiently waiting at Figaro for the ladies to emerge from the infamous Forever 21 store in SM Megamall, with my son sleeping beside me (husbands are miraculously transformed into babysitters when waiting outside Forever 21) and an iPad2 that has traitorously lost its juice, I came across a very interesting advertorial on the last page of the Philippine Tatler, February 2011 issue.

Get this - they are now selling jetpacks (yes, Jetsons-Rocketeer-Ironman type jetpacks) to anyone with the money to burn. What the?? Sorry if everybody else knew this, and I didn't. I never realized that I would ever live to witness these futuristic things being sold commercially just like any Honda, Mitsubishi or Toyota. It's called the MARTIN AIRCRAFT JETPACK. According to the article, you could stay airborne for about 30 minutes, with speeds up to 100 km/h. You would have to be between 55 and 105 kg to be able to fly this thing (thank goodness, I'm still within the jetpack obesity index). However, if you are looking for a vehicle that can let you laugh at drivers stuck in traffic below, you would have to wait a little longer. You can only fly this jetpack within non-urban airspace. 

Hello, your jetpack looks like I have refrigerators on my back. I'll wait for the backpack edition. It doesn't look cool enough yet to fetch your date with. What about spontaneous combustion? or angry birds? And another thing, it costs USD 86,000. Thank you, but I'll just use the MRT.

For those who found this interesting just like I did, you can watch it in action here:

If you are seriously considering buying one, then go to this link (  and eat your heart out.

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