Monday, May 30, 2011

To Buy or Not to Buy? the iPAD.

Being an Apple fan, I will try not to be biased in this blog. Please read also where I put this modified post as a comment.

You see, Steve Jobs created his products in such a way that even if you don't need it, you want to but it. It's an aspirational product, designed to be irresistible and to make you want to save money for it (or spend what you don't have). That's why Apple has actually become the most valuable brand in the world. I own a Macbook Pro, and I do a lot of technical and document work on it. Can I also do the same amount of work on the Windows notebook? Yes I could. But with the Macbook Pro, somehow, I'm more inspired to work. Maybe it's the design, the quality, the brand or maybe it crashes less in my experience. That makes a hell of a difference.

About the iPAD, well, there are times when I only bring it instead of my laptop, for quick client Powerpoint presentations or when I'm just hanging out in the mall waiting for the ladies to come out of Forever 21. I realized that with the iPAD, I can quickly boot up, bring up the browser or the photos, and show people on the spot with a decent screen size. And with the new camera and Facetime app for iPAD2, it's fun. My son loves the Photobooth app also on the iPAD. I recently also found out that I can actually access our Windows servers via the Remote Desktop Client for the iPad, which is pretty cool. The iPad is also so user-friendly, my parents use it already as part of their daily routine. With the iPAD, the experience is just different.

It's not for everybody though. Some people will feel that it's really just for surfing, emailing, reading books and other simple basic stuff. If you already have a laptop and a mobile device like the iPHONE, the iPAD may seem a little redundant. If you are someone who does heavy work and needs really complex applications, then you may find the iPAD useless.

 Some of the things the iPAD CANNOT do.

- Play FLASH files 
- Call friends as a mobile phone
- Heavy applications for blogging, document writing, programming or graphic design

You only purchase the iPad depending on your purpose, and there are a lot of applications/accessories that can make it into a Netbook replacement. Here are some suggestions:

DOCUMENTS TO GO ( for Word,Excel, Powerpoint, Email attachments viewing/updating 

EVERNOTE ( for note taking (synchs with Macbook/iPhone and other mobile devices)

RDC LITE (Remote desktop application that allows you to access Windows servers with your iPad)

OMNIGRAFFLE (for quick sketches and ideas)

GOODREADER - allows you read a whole range of document types

ZAGGMATE - Bluetooth keyboard turning your iPad into an instant netbook, for blogging and typing up documents. Convenient enough because it integrates the casing as well.

So should you buy the iPad? Here's a quick guide according to me, so you don't have to take my word for it:

You want to give it as a gift, and get plus pogi points (make sure put a nice message on the wallpaper) - YES
If you have a lot of extra cash, and you just want a new toy - YES
If you don't have extra cash, and you just want a new toy - NO

If it will be your first time to use the Internet, or giving it to someone who is not tech savvy- YES
If you want to have a gadget to keep your son busy (and learn while he's at it) while you are doing something important- YES
If you want a net book replacement, and you just do surfing, play games, emailing, reading books, basic stuff - YES
If you want a net book replacement, and you do heavy blogging work, programming, graphics design..etc - NO
If you want a portable,fast booting support to your laptop (Heavy work-Laptop, Presentation/Email/Surf/Movies
-iPAD), and not a replacement - YES
If you just want an additional FUN product/gadget - YES

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