Thursday, May 26, 2011

Need to organize your Life? Do it for less than $8.

Found this great little application, OPUS DOMINI, at the Mac App Store that simulates the filofax and puts it right on your desktop. It reminds me of those heavy Stephen Covey planners back in college. It's got the usual calendar, task/activity list (where you can change status from complete to delegate), a personal Compass (don't know how to use this yet), goal management, and a few more nifty stuff. Took it for a spin today, and surprisingly, it made me more productive. Never really relied too much on computer-based time management tools before, but this one made it easy and fun. Didn't think twice and bought the Premium version at $7.99. Well worth the money, as this could become one of my top 5 Mac applications. I highly recommend it.

By the way, being a non-latin scholar, I checked google translate. Opus Domini means "Work of the Lord".

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