Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boy of the 80's: PART TWO

This is part two of Boy of the 80's blog entry, where I make a trip down memory lane. These are things, events, shows, or people that remind me of my childhood days, where things seem a lot simpler. You may have your own, so let me know.

For Part One, you can go to this entry:

BETAMAX - We all went through with this, didn't we? But some went straight to VHS, or even Laser Disc. I remember going to the 3rd floor of Virra mall to browse through titles of Betamax tapes, and rent them for 3 days. I had a lot of overdue tapes, but if you establish a relationship with the cashier lady, she'll waive the overdue fees. To rewind the BETAMAX, you would need the fast REWINDER or just use your BETAMAX player.

Transformers Toys  (among others) - My mom first bought my first Transformer at Christmas when I was a kid. It was an Optimus Prime. Of course, there was G.I. JOE, He-Man and Thundercats action figures. I regret not keeping those toys, they're probably worth a fortune now.

Donkey Kong Scratch game - Did you ever play this in your early elementary years? You scratch off the circles to get points. Brings back a lot of memories. They sell this outside our school, I used to buy it before going home.

Choose your Own Adventure Books and Hardy Boys - Where did all of my CYOA books go? I used to have tons of these, probably got donated somewhere along the timeline. I enjoyed reading these books where you choose which page to go to, and the endings are always different. A lot of guys also read the Hardy Boys collection.

Frogger table top game - Did anyone play this when they were young? Using a small joystick, you control a frog through cars and other obstacles. Simple but fun. If anyone still, has a working model of this, let me know. 

McDonald's Give-aways (Pencil sharpener and eraser) - Classic! I think every house had this pencil sharpener in the shape of Ronald McDonald's head. 

Paint with Water books - Do remember these coloring books where you just put water on your paintbrush, and colors appear magically? I had the Go-Bots one. I forgot the other titles though, let me search for them.

Bensia Pencils - Do you remember using them in school? You put finished pencil in the end, push it up, and new sharpened pencil pops up on top. Are they still selling these?

Connect Four Game - Used to play this with my neighbor cousins a lot. You drop coin type objects until you can connect four of the same color. 

Ring Pops and Melody Pop -  You wear 'em and you suck on 'em, just like a big ruby ring. You suck 'em, then you whistle on 'em. I had a lot of these as a kid. 

Plastic Parachute - Little toy soldiers, when thrown in the air, opens up a plastic parachute, and it slowly lands on the ground.

Flying "T" toy - I remember this toy very well. You insert that long plastic thing with the jagged teeth, and when you pull it, it releases the circular object like a helicopter. You had to pull hard though.

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