Monday, May 30, 2011

Boy of the 80's: Part Three

This is Part Three of a series of blog posts, where I write about items that bring me back to my childhood.


Brain Twister - A lot of us had this very yellow puzzle set that you buy in bookstores. It comes with four shapes, and you try to copy the images on the back of the cardboard box. It think they are still selling this up to now.

Childcraft books - If you've ever used Childcraft for your research in school, then you must be a kid of the 80's! Usually, these books are bundled together with World Book Encyclopedia. Right now, you can probably find them in houses already black and dirty, thanks to the Internet.

Brown Cow Chocolate syrup - Have you ever used Brown Cow to turn your milk into Chocolate milk?  Or pour it on top of ice cream? Yummy!

Apple IIc - Ah our very first computer, the Apple IIc. With a black screen and green text, I started to learn computer stuff early using this computer. I still have my unit with me, but I don't think anyone will be able to fix it. For now, it's a museum piece.

SongHits/Jingle Magazine - Really popular with the kids and teens during the 80's, if you wanted to know the lyrics of certain songs. Php15.00 only per magazine.

Magnolia Glass bottles - Magnolia chocolate drink used to be in glass bottles, which eventually becomes water pitchers in the refrigerator.

Pencil Cases with Compartments - So are you the kid that has the coolest multi-compartment pencil case in class? Eraser holder, pen holder, pencil sharpener, magnifying glass that pops out....i love the 80's.

Eraser Collection - I'm guilty of collecting different erasers. I have no idea why it became so popular, but you've got erasers of different shapes, sizes, design... When you go out of the country, you come home with new erasers.

Haw Flakes - Sweet, salty and sour in one circle-shaped thing that you pretended to be holy communion when you were a kid. 

Intermediate Pad - Did you ever ask your seatmate for one-fourth, one-half crosswise, or one whole intermediate pad if a quiz is announced?

Here is part four of this series of blog posts where I enumerate stuff that brings me back to my childhood days.

Plastic Balloon - Get a small amount of gasoline smelling substance from the tube using the small white stick, twirl it around your mouth for some saliva coating, then blow at the end of the stick. Then you get a thin transparent balloon that keeps getting holes in them. You just have to stick your tongue in the hole, make a popping sound, then blow, seal with lips.  

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To be continued...

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