Saturday, May 28, 2011

Boy of the 80's PART ONE.

Ahh...nostalgia. Sometimes, it just hits you when you suddenly hear an 80's tune in the background. Don't you sometimes wish you had the power to turn back time? These are the things that truly throws me back to my past:

The Coca Cola Yoyos - I remember walking into the mall, and watching people in Coke T-shirts do exhibitions with these yoyos. You've also got the Royal, Sprite, Mello Yellow, and the Super Spinner Coke (transparent).  If I remember correctly, they have a version which lights up. The string always gets "buhol". I had a bunch of these. I could even do the "Walk the Dog" and "Round the World" trick. You spin the yoyo to twist the string and maximum "Walk the Dog" time. Couldn't seem to get the "Rock-a-Bye Baby" trick. Did you have this yo-yo too?

Panini Stickers - I had these when I was a kid. You go to a store in Shoppesville to buy a pack of about 6 stickers to fill up your sticker book. I had the "Age of Dinosaurs", "World of Survival" and "Care Bears". A lot of your savings go into buying the stickers, or you let your mom buy them when you go out during the weekends. If you had duplicates, you trade them with your friends who bring their Panini sticker books to school. Hey, these were pretty educational. Learned most of my dinosaurs with these things.

Trump Cards - "A1!" You automatically get his card. I had "Formula 1", Ships, Fighter Planes. We used to play this in grade school. I wonder if they're still around.

Fruit Stripe/Bubble Yum - Most popular gums during our time. Of course, there's Bazooka bubble gum too. If you can still buy these, please let me know.

Game & Watch - Did you get any of the Nintendo Game & Watch titles? I remember OCTOPUS, POPEYE, MICKEY MOUSE and orange Game & Watch DONKEY KONG (opens up into a double screen). I also have the one with the see through display.

Robot Watch - A watch that transforms into a robot! This was the original Transformers. I had these when I was in grade school. I also had the Casio Calculator watch, but I won't put it here, coz I still have one of those!

Ice Candy - Who doesn't remember the artificially sweetened and plastic contained Ice Candy? You buy them in liquid form, freeze them, bite off the flat end and start chewing (or sucking). 

Nintendo Family Computer - If you didn't have this, you can go to Virra Mall and rent it for 20 bucks an hour. Just choose from a list of games (in dot matrix print) and get the cartridge. I used to play "Castlevania" a lot.

TEX Cards - Did you play these with your neighbors outside? You flick them with your fingers, throw them in the air, and see which ones are facing up. You had a stack with the center creasing because of a lot of folding and flicking.

Blank Cassette Tapes - Do you remember trying to fit all the songs into one blank cassette tape (parang various artist), back and forth pa (Side A and Side B).  The 80's piracy movement. May 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes. Pag sikat ka, there's 120 minutes. To start from the first song on Side B, you have to fast forward Side A all the way to the end.

Chicklets - They used to be in a thin cardboard box in yellow. There were also variations in red (cherry) and the multi-colored ones. I'm not sure if you can still buy them in this packaging.

To be continued in PART TWO.....


  1. Such a funny post! You should do more!!! -jamie

  2. Hehe thanks for visiting. Visit and comment often. Check out part two and soon, part 3.