Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boy of the 80's PART FOUR

Here's part four of the series "Boy of the 80's" which covers stuff that reminds me of my childhood days.
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Walkman - The time when iPods were just a figment of some nerd's imagination, we used to horde compilation cassette tapes for our Walkman. To play the other side, sometimes you have to turn the tape around. Other models allow you to press a button and it will play Side B.

Trapper Keeper - So did you ever have one of these in school? This useful folder holds your test papers, report card, notes, intermediate pads, quizzes and whatever document you want to put inside - there's a lot of space. It comes in so many designs to choose from.

Sweet Secrets - OK, just to set things straight, I DIDN'T own any of these - but my sisters did, and I remember we had these things in the house. So if you are a girl reading my blog (am I being so defensive?), do you see any Sweet Secret which you owned when you were a kid?

Garbage Pail Kids - Yup, had these disgusting cards, and traded them with classmates too. These cards try to mock the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, which a lot of girls owned back then.

Rubik's Cube and Rubik's Snake - These things still exist now ( including cheap imitations), but were really popular before. Never did finish all sides, and I don't think I'll ever try to.

Game of Knowledge - When I lived in Australia, this was one of the first game boards we bought. I'm not sure if they had it here, but we used to play this over and over again. My sisters would know this. A board game that tests your trivia skills.

Spirograph - Did you have the Spirograph? I'm sure some of you remember this. You can draw special shapes and patterns using special rulers included in the box.

Atari - One of the first gaming consoles ever built, I used to go to the neighbor's house and play stick figure games all night. I guess the X-BOX or the Playstation wouldn't be here if it weren't for the market acceptance of the Atari console.

Chinese Garter - Since I had two sisters, I had no choice but to play Chinese garter. Two people on each side will hold the garter with their legs, and one will do several jumping tricks with the stretched rope. May pa tumbling tumbling pa.

Speak n Spell - For those who were lucky enough, I'm sure you were given this so you could win that next spelling bee. It reads the letters and words you type (in a computerized voice). 

Owl Answer clock - Did you also have the owl answer clock which tells me the time (the owl opens its eyes) when I turn the hands of time?  Classic!


  1. OMG!!! I can't believe you remember all these!!!! - jamie

  2. hhaahaha of course! nostalgia....